5 Things That Go Wrong with COVID Testing at K-12 Schools

There is a way to maintain a healthy campus and keep your students, parents, and teachers happy at THE SAME TIME. It’s not impossible, it’s not a myth. COVID testing at K-12 schools requires a common sense approach with communication at the forefront. Mobile Health has designed, launched, and maintained successful COVID-19 testing programs for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. We’ve pinpointed 5 things that go wrong with testing at K-12 schools. Now let’s talk some common sense solutions.

Overwhelmed Staff

Your office managers, counselors, and librarians suddenly become testing event coordinators. When your staff can’t focus on their normal duties and feel like their day is consumed with COVID testing, they can burnout quickly. You need an end-to-end testing service where all you have to provide is a testing space. With Mobile Health, you get a turnkey operation. We bring everything needed to provide rapid and lab-based PCR testing to any number of staff and students. We manage all the details, staffing, and technology.

Giving your faculty and staff testing duties on top of everything else they do causes frustration and that comes back on you. A turnkey service takes the pressure off and clears everyone’s plate.

Poor Parent Communication

You may know your students test results, but parents knowing the results can be just as important. If your staff misses one test result email to one parent, you have a major upset on your hands. Mobile Health takes care of result notifications for you. Our results platform is integrated into your system with immediate notifications going directly to the parents of your students. Everyone is updated all the time. Mobile Health leaves no room for questions when it comes to results. Your Mobile Health portal communicates to parents without you lifting a finger.

Delayed Results

Getting results in a timely manner is pivotal to prevent COVID-19 spread. Mobile Health’s superior technology simplifies the process to get results faster. If one of your students has a positive test, you can’t wait an entire day to get those results. We invest more in our technology to make sure your secure portal is up to date every second. Mobile Health gets results in as little as 15 minutes with instant access to those results on one organized HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant platform.

Slow Response to Lab Issues

The lab is trying to reach you with an issue. You have a million things to take care of… yet you’re supposed to figure out why a specimen is missing a label? When problems arise or things go missing, the lab should never be calling you. Mobile Health makes sure you are never bombarded or asked to solve an issue. We make sure those lab calls come straight to us. We are proactive in solving issues. If a lab call means a student needs to be retested, we take that action and keep you updated on the process.

Late to Catching an Outbreak

The faster you catch a positive case, the faster you can contact trace and contain the outbreak. Surveillance testing and symptomatic testing are the way to catch an outbreak early. Many K-12 schools are late to catching an outbreak because their on-the-spot testing is actually not so “on the spot.”

So, how do you change that? The effective, common sense solution is to choose a provider that is ready for on-demand testing at any point in the school day. Mobile Health is always ready and armed with rapid PCR tests. Being on-site, on-demand, and one step ahead is how Mobile Health keeps your students, staff, and faculty safe through your entire academic year.

Be it 100 or 100,000 tests, we know how to quickly build and execute a program with no disruption to learning. Let Mobile Health design and execute a seamless plan for COVID-19 testing at your K-12 school. We are a full-service, end-to-end testing operation to provide peace of mind for your student, parents, faculty, and staff. To date, Mobile Health has been the testing partner of record for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. This vast experience is what sets Mobile Health apart and is built upon our 38 years of already successful occupational health programs. Our on-site teams provide gold standard PCR testing or rapid antigen testing with results in as little as 15 minutes. Simple-to-use results dashboard provides a snapshot of campus health.

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