Rapid COVID-19 Testing

More options, faster results for your employee screening


Mobile Health has specialized in disease testing for over 38 years. Our 6,500+ nationwide locations and fully equipped on-site COVID-19 testing teams can help protect your workforce.

For large-scale on-site COVID-19 testing programs to symptom monitoring, we offer customizable solutions such as online health questionnaires, temperature screenings, and real-time result technology.


The online questionnaire (also referred to as a health assessment) plays a critical role in many Return to Work programs. 

To facilitate health screenings before employees arrive at a workplace, Mobile Health designed a robust, web-based application. The easy and intuitive application expedites the employee COVID-19 health assessment through a simple online questionnaire.

Depending on the industry and state requirements, employees may complete the COVID-19 health assessment on an established schedule (daily, weekly, or other frequency). Find Out More


Mobile Health has a complete protocol for setting up, staffing and managing on-site temperature screenings.

From thermometers to our own personal protective equipment (PPE), Mobile Health brings everything necessary to screen and test your employees at your job site or office. Your employees simply show up to be screened. We manage temperature screening and COVID-19 testing on-site so that work continues, and your business remains compliant and profitable. Find Out More


As a trusted provider of employee health screening services, Mobile Health can help you navigate the COVID-19 testing differences.

Mobile Health offers the PCR nasal swab as well as Point of Care (POC) COVID-19 testing.  Coupling the temperature screening program with the appropriate testing ensures immediate testing of employees for COVID-19.  This provides employers with valuable information they need to properly respond.  Find Out More

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