Mobile Health Celebrates National Immunization Awareness Month

August is National Immunization Awareness Month! We know that vaccines save lives ─ we’ve seen it for the 38 years we’ve been in business. Mobile Health has provided vaccines for employers, healthcare organizations, and schools who are ready to protect their people. We take our mobile units across the country, running 24/7 programs because protecting the workforce is why we do what we do. This August, take time to protect yourself and your employees from vaccine-preventable diseases! 


“Vaccines are vital for the workforce. Nurses, teachers, scientists, social workers ─ people are coming in contact with vaccine-preventable diseases every day,” said Andrew Shulman Mobile Health CEO. “It’s an honor to be the company providing vaccines wherever our clients need us. Whether it’s in our 6,500+ clinics or on-site at your location, we will be there.”

Life-threatening illnesses were present even before COVID-19. The time has come to press on. While we add COVID-19 to our arsenal of fighting infectious diseases, we continue to bring vaccines like Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella to employers across the country. Vaccines are essential for maintaining the safety of your workplace, your staff, and the clients you serve ─ let’s fight the fight together.


Our 6,500+ clinics and on-site teams can administer Varicella, MMR, TD, TDAP, COVID, flu, and Hepatitis immunizations. Whether you’re an individual or employer, we can serve you. For individuals looking to protect themselves and those around them, use this CDC adult vaccine quiz to see which immunizations you need. To start using our clinics and on-site teams for your employees, talk to an expert about how we can design an immunization program for you.

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