Mobile Health Implements CareConnect’s Workforce Management Tool to Streamline Onboarding, Boost Revenue & Compliance

Joint occupational health-home health care collaboration centralizes key staffing functions, increasing agency revenue and caseload by 40 percent.

March 1, 2021, NY, NY — New York occupational health provider Mobile Health and home health care technology provider CareConnect have partnered to launch an advanced appointment booking solution that will integrate into CareConnect’s existing workforce management tool for the home health care industry.

The enhanced platform centralizes and streamlines key onboarding tasks for home health care agencies and businesses so they can hire, onboard, clear, train and schedule caregivers to work faster and more efficiently.

By centralizing access to key functions, the workforce management platform and suite of solutions saves agency staff valuable time, making it easier to manage and maintain a larger, ready-to-work caregiver pool. This enhanced efficiency increases revenue and caseload by at least 40 percent.

Additionally, the enhanced technology centralizes all health and compliance exams under a single provider’s roof, resulting in faster screening of candidates and improved agency compliance with state and federal regulations.

The integrated AI-driven platform is equipped with the following features:

  • A single point of access to acquire, hire, train, schedule and manage staff, eliminating the need to connect to multiple disjointed systems
  • A custom applicant tracking system to attract quality talent, begin the relationship sooner and follow applicants from application to employment
  • Real-time shift and staff booking of caregiver assignments, including shift-booking preferences that improve employee retention and satisfaction; and
  • Easy, one-stop Mobile Health appointment scheduling of all pre-employment and compliance exams for faster worker screening and clearance, often in one to two days.

“The collaboration expands CareConnect’s long-term partnership with Mobile Health, eliminates the frustrations of older technology, bridges the gap of multiple disjointed systems, high overtime and underutilized workers,” said Michael Gelman, CareConnect President & Chief Operating Officer. “We are thrilled to broaden our relationship with Mobile Health, whose services ensure that our clients’ staff are safe and healthy and elevate the level of customer service we provide.”

“Mobile Health has built its reputation on fast, efficient screening and clearance of healthcare workers, with results available right away from our client portal,” added Andrew Shulman, Mobile Health Chief Executive Officer. “Our integration with CareConnect enhances our client experience by providing efficient end-to-end services — from real-time appointment booking to shift booking to compliance management – from a single point of access.”

The secure HIPAA-compliant integrated platform will be available from the CareConnect mobile app and mobile first platform, as well as to Mobile Health clients through its proprietary Client Portal.

For more information on the integrated workforce management tool, visit To learn more about Mobile Health occupational health services, including COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Administration and Respirator Fit Tests, visit

About Mobile Health

Mobile Health has been a trusted employee screening and occupational health provider for more than 38 years. Mobile Health’s scalable, customizable and mobile employee health screening solutions provide employers with a healthier, safer and more productive workforce. Mobile Health offers OSHA-compliant health screening solutions for every business type and size. These include worksite and in-clinic testing, with the confidence that your team is protected and your business compliant with state and federal health regulations. For more information, visit

About CareConnect

CareConnect is a mobile-first human capital management technology company based in New York. It enables employers and home care providers to reduce costs hiring, managing, scheduling, retaining, and engaging with employees and caregivers. CareConnect’s suite of capabilities includes advanced workload and HR compliance optimization, eLearning, and secure communications. As the first AI-driven platform focused on engaging and enabling home care workers, CareConnect is rapidly transforming the way healthcare providers and employers build lasting, trusted relationships with their employees and caregivers.

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