Mobile Health’s Mobile Fleet: Testing Anywhere Your Employees Are

In today’s world, where many companies have employees working remotely or on the go, it can be a challenge to ensure that they receive the proper medical testing and exams required by their job. Fortunately, Mobile Health’s mobile fleet is here to solve that problem, bringing our expertise and professional employee medical testing teams directly to your employees, wherever they may be. 

About Mobile Health

Mobile Health has been serving New York employers for over 39 years and is the #1 provider for pre-employment and annual exams, drug testing, physical exams, TB testing, immunizations, respirator fit testing, and more. Our 685 New York clinics are staffed and ready to serve your employees with next-day appointments and faster result turnaround, and our on-site teams can bring services directly to your location, making any space test-ready. 

Our Mobile Fleet

What really sets Mobile Health apart is our mobile fleet. Do you have multiple locations, or need compliance ASAP? Mobile Health can travel statewide to test anywhere your employees are. Whether your employees are in the office, at a job site, or on the go, Mobile Health’s mobile fleet can meet them where they are to provide the necessary testing and exams to keep them safe and healthy. With our mobile fleet and comprehensive range of on-site employee medical testing services, screening your employees has never been easier. 

Superior Technology

Mobile Health’s technology is award-winning and a leader in the industry. Our technology takes care of OSHA recordkeeping and HIPAA/HITECH compliance, real-time exam results, easy employee self-scheduling, and HRIS/ATS result integration. With Mobile Health, compliance comes down to the smallest detail, ensuring that your company is always in compliance with regulations and laws. Make compliance easy with the technology behind our on-site employee medical testing services. 

Employee Screening Experts

Occupational health and employee screening is all we do. Our dedicated clinicians have served New York employers with excellence for almost four decades, and our expertise is unrivaled. With Mobile Health’s mobile fleet, you can rest assured that your employees are receiving the highest quality testing and exams, no matter where they are. 

Mobile Health is committed to being your one partner for all of your employee medical testing needs. Whether you need standalone services or a comprehensive program, we have the expertise and technology to meet your every need. So why wait? Get started with Mobile Health today and keep your organization New York strong. 

Mobile Health’s mobile fleet is the perfect solution for companies with employees working remotely or on the go. With our expertise and technology, we can bring our services directly to your employees, no matter where they are. If you want to ensure that your employees receive the proper testing and exams required by their job, contact Mobile Health today and see how we can help you keep your organization New York strong. Get started with the occupational health and employee medical testing experts at Mobile Health today. 

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