Chest X-Ray

Chest X-Ray services for positive PPD and OSHA exams


The chest X-ray represents the final step in tuberculosis (TB) testing. Prior to receiving an X-ray, an individual must test positive for TB via a PPD skin test or QuantiFERON (QFT) test. The CDC states that a positive test for TB infection only tells that a person has been infected with TB germs. It does not indicate whether they have progressed to TB disease. The chest X-ray ultimately determines whether active tuberculosis is present in an individual.

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In most cases, employees with positive tuberculosis test results will not be able to return to work until they have been cleared by a chest X-ray. That’s because the X-ray demonstrates they do not have active tuberculosis. Employees with a positive tuberculosis test result should be scheduled for their X-ray as soon as possible after receiving those results.

This simple procedure consists of several X-rays taken of the chest from multiple angles. A clinician then reviews the results to determine if the lungs show signs of advanced pulmonary tuberculosis (APT). APT represents the most active and contagious form of tuberculosis. The X-ray provides suitable evidence an employee is tuberculosis-free, even if initial PPD skin tests or QuantiFERON blood draws have said otherwise.