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Mobile Health is Reinventing Employee Screening and OSHA Compliance

CREATING THE TECHNOLOGY THE INDUSTRY DESPERATELY NEEDS When hiring a new candidate, the employee screening process can overshadow the best part ─ getting to say “you’ve got the job!” HR personnel spend more time scheduling exams and chasing down results than doing the things they love. Mobile Health has used their technology to combat this long-time battle. They have defeated the stigma of old, unusable technology, and have given the industry tools for success. The Mobile Health client portal gives companies access to 6,500+ nationwide clinics, comprehensive services, and real-time results. Rather than having a long list of providers, lost passwords, and 1-800 numbers, Mobile Health provides peace of mind through one partnership, providing every service HR personnel need to …

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Mobile Health Revolutionizes OSHA-Compliant Record-Keeping for Respirator Fit Testing

Mobile Health’s respirator fit testing partners move to their new platform streamlining HIPAA and OSHA-compliant record-keeping. Mobile Health partners are now experiencing all the benefits of their newly launched respirator fit testing portal. This game-changing platform saves valuable time and resources for OSHA-regulated industries. From medical evaluations to fit testing results, the respirator fit testing portal takes care of everything necessary to maintain compliance. An OSHA-Proof Technology Solution Mobile Health’s respirator fit testing portal powers their trademark lineup of services ─ on-site, in-clinic, and self-administered fit testing solutions paired with online medical evaluations. Fit testing and medical evaluation results are delivered in real-time, automatically generating the documents necessary for compliance. The respirator fit testing portal ensures everything is in its …

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Mobile Health Performs 39,000 On-Site Respirator Fit Tests to Revolutionize Healthcare Compliance

Mobile Health celebrates their audacious fit testing program for a group of medical centers. When thousands of healthcare workers need respirator fit testing to keep them on the job, Mobile Health rises to the challenge. Recently, Mobile Health’s on-site teams performed a six-site, 39,000-fit test operation to keep a group of medical centers in compliance. The 38-year occupational health company breaks industry norms by bringing the clinic on-site to the client, no matter the size of the need. A New Path to OSHA Compliance Mobile Health makes employee medical screening simple by bringing services right to the doorstep of their partners. Instead of boxing or limiting how OSHA compliance can be achieved, Mobile Health scales and pivots to meet the …

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Mobile Health Reinvents The One-Stop Respiratory Protection Hub For Employers

SHAKING UP OLD CONVENTIONS OSHA respiratory protection standard 29 CFR 1910.134 is a lengthy, long-standing regulation, yet there are few solutions and resources in the market to understand what it means and how to maintain compliance. Mobile Health sifts through the jargon and lengthy documents to give employers clear guidance and ready-to-go services to execute their respiratory protection program. From common respirator fit testing questions to record-keeping protocols, Mobile Health has made a library of resources that better equip employers to make informed decisions on protecting their staff. “ is agile, comprehensive, and modern just like our respirator fit testing services,” said Dave Schramm, Mobile Health Chief Marketing Officer. “We’ve taken our experiences, findings, and best practices, bottled that …

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Mobile Health Saves Their Clients $6.4 Million in Potential OSHA Fines

BECOMING THE HERO FOR INDUSTRIES IN NEED In 2021, respiratory protection was the most cited OSHA violation in healthcare and the second-most cited across all OSHA-regulated industries. Mobile Health understands their responsibility in offering respiratory protection to thousands of workers nationwide and is intentional with every detail. It’s why their clients have stuck with them since their inception. One single respiratory protection violation could cost $14,502 ─ something as simple as a record-keeping mistake can cause serious damage to a company. Mobile Health’s robust tracking and results portal takes care of OSHA and HIPAA-compliant protocols to ensure their clients have the respirator fit testing records they need, right when they need them. The occupational health company continues to innovate and …

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Mobile Health Launches a New Website Streamlining Employment Screening

Mobile Health unveils its cutting-edge platform providing the tools and resources necessary for employers to protect their workforce. Mobile Health, a nationwide occupational health and employee screening company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website Mobile Health experienced explosive growth in 2021 — 6,500+ nationwide clinics, new on-site teams, and a thriving mobile fleet. These advancements call for the website to grow alongside the company. Employers can now access key information, expert resources, and the countless benefits of Mobile Health services all in a few clicks. 38 Years of Clinical Excellence – Wrapped in a Website Mobile Health’s new site showcases their robust service offering ─ drug and alcohol testing, physical exams, COVID-19 testing, vaccines and …

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Mobile Health expands their testing program to sustain Broadway’s rapid comeback. Mobile Health announced its newest COVID-19 testing location at 225 West 42nd Street, next door to New 42 Studios, an iconic Broadway landmark. On the same block where over 800 shows have taken their theatrical productions from early development to opening night, Mobile Health will perform over 6,000 COVID-19 tests every week. ‘Lighting Up the Great White Way’ As an occupational health provider, Mobile Health has protected the workforce of New York City since 1984. At the New 42 Studios location, Mobile Health displays a new sign, “Lighting Up the Great White Way,” to signal their commitment to forward the artistry, culture, and long-time traditions that can only be …

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A New Part of Thanksgiving Dinner: Bring Your Negative Covid-19 Test

Wall Street Journal reports a rise in COVID testing from individuals and employers. As holiday parties make their comeback, Wall Street Journal asks Mobile Heath how this will impact COVID testing. Several public officials, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, are encouraging residents to get tested before Thanksgiving gatherings, and many cities are expanding free rapid-testing sites in a push for pre-party tests. “Requests for rapid COVID-19 tests are rolling in from companies, too, as some employers resurrect in-person holiday parties after skipping or zooming last year, says Andrew Shulman, chief executive of Mobile Health.”



To enable the return of Broadway and healing of New York City, Mobile Health runs a four-site COVID-19 testing operation. After 15 months of empty theaters, Broadway began the search for a COVID-19 testing partner. Serving the unique needs of theaters, productions, shows, union representation, and rehearsal times made this a complex undertaking. Mobile Health was awarded the job based on the ability to unify everyone’s needs through one comprehensive testing program. A Team of Testers with a Passion for Theatre Broadway is a quintessential part of New York City culture. This missing piece has weighed heavy on the hearts of New Yorkers and everyone who celebrates theatre. Mobile Health is the designated COVID-19 testing provider to raise the curtain …

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As the Chair of the New York State Senate’s Health Committee, Senator Gustavo Rivera fights for the people of New York to have a healthier lifestyle. Rivera visits Mobile Health’s Bronx clinic to celebrate their innovations to give employers greater access to the employment screening services and technology they need to protect their workforce. A NEW STANDARD FOR EMPLOYMENT SCREENING TECHNOLOGY Mobile Health paves the way for effortless scheduling, faster results, and data organization. As employment screening technology has become stagnant and outdated, Mobile Health invests more in their technology and breaks the industry norms. 6,500+ clinics armed with Mobile Health technology means that employers get results in real-time. No emails, no handing off paperwork — employers have a direct …

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