We perform QuantiFERON and PPD tuberculosis testing through our 6,500 clinics, on-site testing teams, and mobile clinics. We know speed matters when it comes to employee tuberculosis testing. So, name the time and place and we’ll be there. Need a follow-up chest x-ray? Our x-ray services are ready when you need them.

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      We offer both TB blood tests and TB skin tests to give your employees and company ultimate flexibility. When an employee’s tuberculosis test comes back positive, our clinics will be ready to perform a confirmatory chest x-ray.

      Our x-rays provide suitable evidence that an employee is tuberculosis-free, even if initial tests have said otherwise. We provide the OSHA documentation you need for both positive and negative results.


      Our QuantiFERON-TB and T-Spot blood test clears your workers with one easy appointment. Faster clearance for you and convenience for your employees. One blood test, rapid results, no follow-up required.


      Our employee self-scheduling platform makes PPD tuberculosis testing easier than ever. Simply send your employees a link to schedule their initial and follow-up visit at a time and location that works for their schedule.


      Health care workers, home health aides, laboratory workers, and teachers rely on us for year-round safety. Whether you need a blood test on-site for every employee, or one skin test in our clinics tomorrow, you can rely on our speed and flexibility.

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      No more waiting on a 1-800 line – your dedicated account manager and client success team is accessible every step of the way. When your needs shift or regulations change, our problem solvers have your back. 

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      Our tech keeps you HIPAA-compliant and organized. In Client Portal, you can quickly schedule and modify appointments for any of our 6,500 clinics. Tired of scheduling exams? Employees can book their own appointments through Patient Portal.

      Employee Tuberculosis Testing Faqs

      Tuberculosis testing is a medical examination to determine if an individual has been infected with tuberculosis (TB), a bacterial infection that primarily affects the lungs but can also affect other parts of the body.

      The Tuberculosis skin test works by assessing inflammation in the dermis. The test is performed by injecting a small amount of fluid into the skin of the lower arm.

      Yes, a positive result on a Mantoux test means you probably have a TB infection, although any diagnosis of a positive case of TB must be confirmed by a follow-up X-ray.

      Employees should receive tuberculosis testing if they have been exposed to someone with active TB, or have symptoms of TB. TB tests should be administered to all employees working in a high-risk setting such as a healthcare facility or correctional facility.

      On-site tuberculosis testing can save time and money by reducing the need for employees to take time off work to go to a healthcare facility. They also allow employers to more easily manage and track employee health records, which can help reduce healthcare costs and improve overall workplace health and safety.

      Employee tuberculosis testing is necessary to ensure the safety and health of employees and others they come in contact with in the workplace.

      Mobile Health offers QuantiFERON and PPD tuberculosis testing, both of which are used to screen for TB infection.

      Yes, Mobile Health has the capacity to perform tuberculosis testing for groups of any size, from 10 to 100,000 employees.

      Yes, Mobile Health can provide tuberculosis testing at remote job sites through our on-site testing teams and mobile clinics.

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