Physical abilities testing can happen wherever you are – whether that’s on-site at your business, or in any of our 6,500 locations nationwide. Industry-specific exams to reduce workers’ compensation claims, and make sure you hire the right people.

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      A CLOSER LOOK AT physical abilities TESTING:

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      A physical abilities test simulates ‘on the job’ tasks in a clinical environment, evaluating strength, flexibility, stamina, and good body mechanics. This ensures your candidates can do the heavy lifting before they’re on the field, helping you avoid workers’ compensation claims and workplace incidents. The Mobile Health team will learn the tasks of your employees to ensure your candidate can handle the physical demands of the job.

      Physical abilities tests are customizable, and vary based on industry standards and physical demands of the job. Each test will consist of a series of timed exercises using body weight or equipment such as a step or kettlebell. The employee will either pass or fail the test based on their ability to perform these exercises within the allowed time.


      Our Healthcare Physical Abilities Test (HPAT) evaluates range of motion, aerobic capacity, strength, body mechanics, and balance. The Mobile Health HPAT was designed by our medical experts specifically for the healthcare industry ─ now the gold standard for thousands of home care workers and nurses.
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      If you need to make a hire tomorrow and know if your candidate is capable of the job, we are the partner to turn to. Our 6,500 locations and next-day appointments give you the results you need to effectively grow your workforce and increase productivity.

      Physical Abilities Test | Employee Screening


      We help you determine what to test for and create a comprehensive physical ability test. Our team of clinicians come to your location to test your employees in one day — an end-to-end operation with real-time reporting technology.

      Physical Abilities Test Faqs

      Physical abilities testing is a process of evaluating a candidate’s physical abilities to perform essential job functions safely and effectively.

      Employers use physical abilities testing to ensure that employees can safely and effectively perform essential job functions, reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and improve productivity and employee morale.

      Industries such as construction, manufacturing, and healthcare commonly use physical abilities testing.

      Physical abilities testing is focused specifically on evaluating a candidate’s physical abilities to perform essential job functions, whereas other types of employee screening may focus on different aspects such as drug and alcohol use.

      Physical abilities testing can help employers maintain a safe and productive workforce and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

      Physical abilities testing is typically conducted by trained evaluators using specialized equipment and technology.

      The length of physical abilities testing can vary depending on the specific assessments being conducted, but Mobile Health offers customized testing protocols that are tailored to each employer’s needs.

      Yes, Mobile Health offers customized physical abilities testing protocols that are tailored to each employer’s needs.

      The frequency of physical abilities testing can vary depending on the employer’s needs and the nature of the workplace. Employers often conduct this testing either annually or every few years.

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