Name the time and the place, we will be there. Your employees never have to leave the building to fulfill their pre-employment and annual exam requirements. Mobile Health on-site teams bring drug testing, physical exams, TB testing, vaccines, fit testing and more anywhere you need us.

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We are a turnkey operation ─ fully equipped clinical teams armed with superior on-site technology. Be it 10 or 100,000 employees, we know how to quickly build and execute a program that can scale to your needs. You provide the space, we provide the results.

Mobile Health | On Site Occupational Health Services


With on-site testing, you and your employees win. You get faster results, and they don’t have to spend time outside of work to complete their annual and pre-employment requirements. Whether it’s a breakroom, parking lot, or conference room, we can make any space test ready.

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Every service we perform can be brought on-site. Need physical exams, drug testing, vaccines, and respirator fit testing all at once? This is where we shine. We have no limits. Any service you need, anywhere you need us. It’s time to reimagine how you protect your employees and maintain compliance.

On-Site Occupational Health Solutions


Our clinical excellence is built into the DNA of our nurses, physicians, medical assistants, and every member of the on-site team. Clinical protocols, best practices, and adherence to all safety and regulatory requirements keep your workforce safe and compliant.

On-Site Occupational Health Solutions | On-Site Respirator Fit Testing


Mobile Health technology is built for you to get back to business. With your on-site event, you get real-time results with the documentation you need to protect your workforce and ensure compliance. Our HIPAA and HITECH- compliant Client Portal keep your records safe and organized.

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