FIT KIT: Respirator Fit Testing for Small Businesses

Many small businesses have joined the ranks of companies required to conduct Respirator Fit Testing (RFT). Fit testing assures an adequate fit of workers’ N95 respirator masks.

To meet this demand, Mobile Health introduces FIT KIT.  This modular training and testing kit extends Respiratory Fit Testing (RFT) to smaller businesses across the country.  FIT KIT contains all supplies necessary* to easily perform fit testing at places of business, with guidance and support from Mobile Health.

How FIT KIT Works

Designed for businesses with up to 50 employees, FIT KIT contains all the necessary components* and training to train staff to fit test workers.  Highlights include:

  • Mobile Health ships a FIT KIT with everything a business needs to train its staff in conducting Qualitative Respirator Fit Tests.
  • Prior to FIT KIT arrival, workers complete a secure online Mobile Health medical evaluation. This ensures businesses fit test only employees medically cleared to wear an N95 mask.
  • Trainees follow step-by-step fit testing instructions using the accompanying training video, printed instructions and RFT FAQs.  FIT KIT training ensures businesses are in compliance with OSHA Respirator Standard CFR 1910.134. Mobile Health makes available supplementary live training.
  • Screened workers receive documentation of test results.
  • At the conclusion of RFTs, businesses return the FIT KIT to Mobile Health.

*Masks not included in FIT KIT

The FIT KIT Story

The emotional experience of fit testing thousands of health workers at the height of the health crisis inspired FIT KIT creation. The company developed the all-in-one RFT solution for smaller business who, due to new regulations, may don N95 masks, perhaps for the first time.

FIT KIT brings Mobile Health’s RFT experience full circle. That’s because it provides a complement of fit testing solutions for every size business. Whether Mobile Health clinic, onsite for large groups, or via FIT KIT, each RFT option gets employees on the job safely and rapidly.

Interested businesses can contact Mobile Health to learn more about FIT KIT. The company will respond within 24 hours to schedule a FIT KIT consultation.

Why Mobile Health?

Mobile Health has a 38-year history of providing pre-employment health screenings. Founded in 1984, Mobile Health screens 170,000+ patients annually, at seven New York City clinics and at 3,000+urgent care and local providers nationwide.

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