Hire Faster with Mobile Health’s NEW Rapid Drug Testing Service in NYC

Mobile Health, already recognized as New York City’s number one drug testing provider, is now making it even faster for employers to screen and hire candidates with rapid drug testing available at select NYC clinics.

Swift Results Enables Swift Hiring

Nothing rivals a New York minute, but Mobile Health’s rapid drug testing comes remarkably close. With results in an hour or less, employers can experience the fastest speed-to-hire from any pre-employment drug test. Imagine interviewing a stellar candidate in the morning, conducting a rapid drug test, and giving them a job offer by the afternoon.

“As Mobile Health continues to lead the forefront of innovation in pre-employment screening, the introduction of rapid drug testing stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence,” notes Victoria Roberts, COO. “This game-changing solution is poised to redefine the hiring landscape, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing its transformative impact on expediting the recruitment process for our valued clients.”

The Preferred Standard: Urine-Based Rapid Drug Testing

While saliva-based rapid drug testing exists, Mobile Health chose to exclusively offer urine-based rapid drug testing based on its accuracy and versatility. Favored by 90% of employers, rapid urine drug testing offers a wider detection window, ensuring thorough screening for a comprehensive range of drugs of abuse. It is also 99% accurate, empowering employers to catch potential red flags swiftly and mitigate risks.

Six Convenient Rapid Drug Test Labs

We have a convenient collection sites in each of the five boroughs, all easily accessible via public transit, making it simple for staffing agencies and employers to offer this service to their candidates.

In the fast-paced world of hiring, especially in NYC, every moment counts. Rapid drug testing, specifically urine-based, is the secret weapon employers have been searching for — accurate, quick, and a game-changer in talent acquisition. Don’t wait; streamline your hiring process with Mobile Health’s urine-based rapid drug testing — contact us for details.


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