How To Get Healthcare Workers Screened Fast

At Mobile Health, we understand just how important it is to have your healthcare workers screened and back on the floor as quickly as possible. The healthcare industry has experienced incredibly testing times over the last few years due to the pandemic ─ ensuring you have your full workforce available is crucial. We provide comprehensive occupational health and employee screening services designed to screen your workers fast and get them back to work. With over 39 years of clinical excellence, you can rely on the Mobile Health team. 

Choose A Comprehensive Employee Screening Provider

To speed up the screening of your healthcare workers, you need a service provider that can handle all of your screening requirements. Mobile Health provides a comprehensive range of employee screening services that enable your healthcare workers to access all required employee screening services within one clinic. Our clinics provide drug and alcohol testing, employee physicals, TB testing, employee vaccinations and titers, x-ray services, vision screening, hearing testing, respirator fit testing, COVID-19 testing and physical abilities tests (plus any other screening service you may need). No matter your screening needs, the Mobile Health team is here to help get your healthcare workers screened and back to work faster than any other employee screening provider. 

Create A Customized Program

No two healthcare workplaces are the same.  We make sure your service bundle and service delivery are completely customized to you.The Mobile Health team is comprised of compliance experts, tech gurus, and healthcare professionals who can help to create a streamlined program for your healthcare workforce.  

Use Our Award-Winning Results Platform

Recordkeeping in order to be regulatory compliant is incredibly important, but it certainly can be time-consuming. This process can significantly slow down screening your healthcare workers and getting them back to work. At Mobile Health, we simplify this process — our award-winning client portal integrates directly with your ATS/HRIS system, storing your records and streamlining your record-keeping process. This will help you to screen your healthcare workers faster and get them back ready for work. 

Screen How It Suits Your Healthcare Workers

Mobile Health provides employee screening services in the way that best suits your workers and your workplace. We strive to be your one partner for comprehensive screening and compliance. You can choose in-clinic testing at one of our 6500+ clinics, mobile screening teams, or for our team to come to screen your healthcare workers on-site. With this range of employee screening options, you will be able to choose the best option for your workforce and screen your healthcare workers faster with Mobile Health. 

Ready to get started with Mobile Health? Our team has over 39 years of experience in clinical excellence and provides the services you need to get healthcare employees screened and back to work. Whether you need drug and alcohol testing, employee physicals, or an employee vaccination program, the Mobile Health team is here to help. Get started with Mobile Health today.  

  • Dee Smith
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    Dee Smith