Maximizing Homecare Retention Through Strategic Caregiver Onboarding

As a homecare provider, you know that your caregivers are the lifeblood of your business. They’re the ones who make sure that every client receives the care they need and deserve. But what happens when they leave?

Onboarding is critical to retaining top talent in any industry, but it’s especially important for homecare providers with how turnover rates can skyrocket. According to Home Care Pulse’s survey data on employee retention among caregivers:

  • The average tenure for a caregiver is one year
  • Only 52% of caregivers stay at their job longer than two years

As a part of the homecare onboarding process for 39 years, Mobile Health can help you think outside the box and design an onboarding experience that will leave a lasting impression on your caregivers.

Making a Good ‘First Impression’

The onboarding process sets the tone for the employee’s experience with the company, and a seamless process can go a long way in retaining good employees. Pre-employment screening is an integral part of the onboarding process, and it is essential to get it right.

When the pre-employment screening process is disjointed, it puts all the responsibility on the new caregiver, which can be discouraging and frustrating. Instead of asking the caregiver to navigate the process on their own ─ your organization can take charge by finding the right clinic, scheduling the exams, and receiving the results directly. Need a provider that reflects the excellence of your organization? Mobile Health takes care of all the screening processes for you, making the employee feel prioritized and valued. Mobile Health offers physical exams, TB testing, vaccines, titers, and more, all in one appointment, making the process less disjointed and more efficient.

This consolidation helps cut down on paperwork at both ends of the onboarding process ─ you don’t have to worry about gathering documents from each applicant, and employees don’t need to take time out of their day running around town trying to get them together!

Make a Change Today

The onboarding process is the first point of contact the caregiver has with your company. It’s a reflection of your organization. A seamless onboarding process can make the employee feel more connected to the company and instill the right values. When the employee feels valued, they are more likely to stay and even refer others to the company. Mobile Health takes care of all the pre-employment screening communication for you, making the process more efficient and less frustrating for the caregiver. Message our homecare experts to streamline your screening and compliance program.

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  • Samantha Hough
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    Samantha Hough