Mobile Health Fit Kit™, an All-in-One Respirator Fit Testing Kit, Now Available for Online Purchase

Mobile Health, a leading provider of occupational health solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Fit Kit™, an all-in-one respirator fit testing kit now available to purchase online through their e-commerce website. With Fit Kit™, companies can create a fully compliant respiratory protection program in-house on their schedule.


Mobile Health’s fit testing portal is at the core of Fit Kit™, providing a HIPAA-compliant platform for employers to manage their respiratory protection program seamlessly. The platform enables employers to report, track, and store their respirator fit test and online medical evaluation results, creating a holistic in-house program. With this technology, employers can stay compliant with OSHA regulations, and always be audit-ready.


The Fit Kit™ includes everything needed for 100 OSHA-compliant fit tests, including fit test hoods, nebulizers, testing solutions, and detailed user instructions. The kit comes with live expert training and continued support from the Mobile Health team to ensure that users are performing the test correctly.

“We developed Fit Kit™ as an easy-to-use solution that puts control back in the hands of the employer,’” said Mobile Health CEO, Andrew Shulman. “With our kit, you have the supplies, education, and technology to conduct fit testing on-site, on your own time ─ as if our mobile team was right alongside you.”


With Fit Kit™, OSHA-regulated employers can access a powerful tool for safety, health, and compliance – at the click of a button. Mobile Health has made the buying process easy with a user-friendly website and post-purchase support. For employers looking to take control of their respiratory protection program, Fit Kit™ is the ultimate solution. For more information on Fit Kit™ or to purchase, visit today.

About Mobile Health 

Mobile Health is a trusted employee screening and occupational health provider with 39 years of clinical excellence. Their 6,500+ nationwide clinics and on-site teams offer every medical exam employers need for hiring and compliance. Mobile Health enables businesses to consolidate to one provider for OSHA/DOH compliance and for building a safer, healthier workforce. Their expert teams design programs to reduce employer bottlenecks, increase throughput, and make occupational health easier than ever before. For more information, visit

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