Mobile Health Partners with the MTA to Vaccinate Employees at Three Mega Sites

MTA and Mobile Health

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is North America’s largest transportation network, serving 15.3 million people across 5,000 square miles surrounding New York City.

With more than 70,000 employees, the MTA has been particularly hard-hit by COVID-19, having lost 148 workers to the virus. When COVID-19 vaccines became available, the MTA knew they needed to rapidly deploy multiple on-site vaccination centers that could take on hundreds of employees a day. The MTA reached out to Mobile Health to design and execute a large-scale plan.

Mobile Health created the first MTA vaccination center in only a few days, leveraging its experience of deploying large-scale On-Site COVID-19 Testing, Vaccine Administration and Respirator Fit Testing to employers in New York and nationwide during the pandemic. Mobile Health supplied nurses, emergency personnel, medical assistants, pharmacists, support staff and the underlying technology to power the center.

Maximum Accessibility

MTA employees are scattered across the city, working around the clock. Their employees not only needed multiple COVID-19 vaccination sites, but a wide range of time slots for appointments. Mobile Health quickly deployed vaccination teams to Grand Central Terminal, Jamaica LIRR Station, and the Brooklyn MTA headquarters working shifts that accommodate MTA employees. To date, more than 21,000 MTA employees have been vaccinated, with plans to vaccinate thousands more.

“With the progress and push for a return to a new normal, vaccines for our essential workers on the LIRR are so important to deliver to our heroes,” said Anthony Simon, General Chairman of SMART Transportation Division. “It’s time they all have the opportunity and convenience to be vaccinated to keep them safe and provide a safer place for our customers to return.”

Employees who are part of MTA Headquarters, New York City Transit, the Staten Island Railway and the MTA Bus Company are able to self-schedule their vaccine appointments. Employees from other MTA agencies are scheduled by their departments after completing a vaccine-interest form.

Protecting New York City Heroes

“Our employees heroically moved this city during its most challenging hour,” said MTA Chairman and CEO Pat Foye. “These site openings are about making sure that those efforts are honored. The heroes who moved heroes throughout the darkest days of this pandemic are now going to be able to do their jobs without the fear of getting this dangerous virus.”

The MTA views their new vaccination centers as a turning point for the organization. Mobile Health has created a way for these heroes to know they are protected and that their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

By bringing the vaccinations on-site, directly to the employees of the MTA, Mobile Health was able increase the participation and utilization rate and increase the safety of the entire MTA workforce.

“I want to thank our partners at Mobile Health for helping us to launch this critical program,” said Foye. “Mobile Health has a long history of serving New Yorkers and promoting community health and workplace health. We’re thankful for their support.”

  • Sara Stein
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    Sara Stein