NY Weddings: Say ‘Yes’ to Mobile Health On-Site COVID-19 Testing

For engaged couples in New York, love may be in the air, but so is COVID-19, which until now has restricted the size of wedding receptions permitted. There is hope on the horizon, however. Beginning March 15, New Yorkers may hold receptions of up to 150 people, or at 50 percent of their venue’s capacity, whichever is smaller, provided attendees are tested for COVID-19 beforehand. Weddings must also be approved by the local health department.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the easing of restrictions around mass gatherings following a drop in COVID-19 cases in the Empire State.

Save the Date for Wedding COVID-19 Testing

As you plan weddings, NY-based Mobile Health on-site rapid COVID-19 testing makes it easy to meet the state’s requirement to test wedding attendees beforehand. Our medical team brings testing to your venue; results in as little as 15 minutes, reassuring wedding hosts and guests alike. New York is expected to release more specifics on its testing requirements soon, which we will monitor to provide testing in compliance with state regulations.

We are specialists in providing large-scale COVID-19 testing for businesses, schools, and live events. We coordinate with wedding planners, wedding venues, banquet managers and couples to discreetly provide on-site testing. All testing is conducted with minimal disruption to wedding festivities. And for last-minute events, our mobile medical teams can deploy quickly to bring testing to your venue.

Many wedding planners and couples have already made Mobile Health their go-to provider for safe, accurate on-site testing of guests and staff. Contact Mobile Health for a free COVID-19 testing quote to ensure a safe and healthy wedding celebration that meets New York regulations.

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