Hire Faster with Rapid Drug Testing in NYC

Nothing is faster than a New York minute, but rapid drug testing comes pretty close. With results in an hour or less, rapid drug testing offers employers the fastest speed-to-hire out of any pre-employment drug test. In fact, with rapid drug test results that fast, you can clear candidates and hire them the same day!

Mobile Health is already New York City’s #1 drug testing provider, and now you can screen faster and hire sooner with rapid drug testing at select New York City locations.

What Is a Rapid Drug Screen?

A rapid drug test delivers conclusive results in as little as a few minutes, but doesn’t take more than an hour, which is much swifter than the typical 48-72 hours of a traditional drug test. Specifically, we use a rapid urinalysis drug test. There is also a saliva rapid drug test, but we exclusively offer the rapid urine drug test because of the benefits it offers over a saliva rapid drug test.

Saliva- vs. Urine-Based Rapid Drug Testing

While saliva rapid drug testing exists, the gold standard for accuracy and versatility lies in urine-based testing. Preferred by 90% of employers, urine-based rapid drug testing offers a wider detection window, ensuring comprehensive screening. This method can also identify a broader range of drugs of abuse, helping you catch any potential red flags and mitigate risk.

Rapid Drug Tests = Rapid Hiring

Rapid drug testing isn’t just about getting results fast; it’s about fast-tracking hiring. Picture this: you interview a stellar candidate in the morning, send them for a urine-based rapid drug test, and have the all-clear by the afternoon. That’s efficiency at its finest, empowering you to secure top talent without an unnecessary wait.

Tailored Pre-Employment Drug Test By Industry

Urine-based rapid drug testing is acceptable for most industries, and is commonly used by staffing companies and post-acute care. We also understand that DOT/transportation and acute care have unique requirements. For these sectors, we offer employee drug testing services designed to meet compliance standards without compromising precision or expediency. We have over 40 clinics in NYC that can meet your industry-specific drug testing needs, 680 in the state of New York, and 6,500 nationwide. We also offer industry-leading result turnaround for traditional drug testing, which averages 48 hours, alongside all of our other pre-employment screening services.

Six NYC Locations: Rapid Drug Testing Excellence

We’re not just advocates of efficiency; we’re facilitators. With six locations in New York City that offer rapid drug testing, we provide employers and staffing agencies with a seamless process for conducting urine-based rapid drug tests. Time is money in the hiring game, and our commitment is to save you both.

More importantly, we’re the only pre-employment screening provider who offers all pre-employment tests as well as rapid drug screening. And with almost 4o years of clinical excellence, you can count on us to deliver the pre-employment testing you need as efficiently as possible.

Rapid Drug Test Labs

We have rapid drug testing labs in every one of the five boroughs, all easily accessible by your candidates and employees via public transit. They are:

229 West 36th St. New York, NY 10018

2488 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10458

50 Court St. Brooklyn, NY 11201

1797 Coney Island Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11230

97-77 Queens Blvd. Queens, NY 11374

129 Jackson St. Hempstead, NY 11550

In the fast-paced world of hiring, especially in NYC, every moment counts. Rapid drug testing, specifically urine-based, is the secret weapon you’ve been searching for. It’s accurate, it’s quick, and it’s a game-changer to securing talent without delay. So why wait? Streamline your hiring process with urine-based rapid drug testing — contact us for details.