Vaccinations and TB Testing: Key Components of Employee Health in NYC

In a city where diverse work settings and continuous interaction are the norms, safeguarding your team’s health is more important than ever. One of the best ways to do that is keeping your employees vaccinated. Mobile Health steps up to this challenge, providing comprehensive vaccination and TB testing services specifically designed for the unique demands of NYC’s busy work environments.

Employee Vaccinations

Vaccinations are the first line of defense in maintaining a healthy workplace. They not only protect individuals but also create a safer environment for everyone. Employee vaccinations help to reduce sick days and boost workforce productivity.

At Mobile Health, we understand the importance of vaccinations in preventing the spread of contagious diseases and in keeping your workplace safe and healthy.

Our New York vaccine and titer services are designed to cater to the specific needs of your business, ensuring that your employees are immunized against common illnesses, while also causing minimal disruption to your operations.

The most common vaccines we see employers offer include MMR, Varicella, TD, TDAP, flu, and Hepatitis immunizations. We also make it easy to vaccinate your workforce by doing them on-site or at one of our 40+ New York City clinics.

Our employee vaccination options include:

  • Flu
  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Varicella
  • Pneumonia
  • Shingles
  • Meningitis
  • Polio
  • Td
  • TDAP
  • MMR
  • COVID-19

Our employee titers testing:

  • MMR 
  • Varicella 
  • Hepatitis A, B, C 
  • Tuberculosis

Employee TB Testing: Ensuring a Safe Work Environment

Tuberculosis (TB) remains a significant health concern, especially in industries that regularly interact with vulnerable people, including childcare organizations, medical facilities, and assisted living facilities. Regular TB testing is not just vital in identifying and preventing the spread of tuberculosis, but it can also be mandatory across certain industries and states. This testing is crucial for protecting vulnerable populations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasizes TB testing as a key measure in controlling the spread of the disease, particularly in settings where people are in close contact. Mobile Health’s TB testing services align with these guidelines, offering efficient, reliable testing to ensure a safer work environment. Our network of 40 clinics in New York City and 6,500 nationwide, along with dedicated on-site testing teams and mobile units, efficiently carries out QuantiFERON and PPD tuberculosis testing. This extensive coverage ensures accessible and reliable TB testing services wherever you are.

Fast Results with The Mobile Client Portal Health Portal

The Mobile Health Client Portal is more than just a tool for record-keeping. It assists in monitoring and organizing immunizations and seamlessly integrates each employee’s records with your ATS/HRIS system. During an OSHA audit, our Client Portal streamlines the experience by offering convenient access to all essential data.

In addition to our Client Portal, our Patient Portal works to simplify the process for patients in their vaccination or TB testing journey. It streamlines the scheduling process, removing the hassle of back-and-forth communications and increasing appointment adherence. The Patient Portal also offers pre-selected custom exam packages tailored to specific needs, a user-friendly interface for easy appointment booking within 30 seconds, nationwide access to next-day appointments, and flexible payment options.

Why Choose Mobile Health

Selecting Mobile Health as your occupational health partner is a choice to prioritize your employees’ health. Our dedication to exceptional customer service is powered by cutting-edge technology, helping to keep your employees vaccinated with minimal disruption to your business.

Vaccinations and TB testing play a crucial role in safeguarding the health of employees in NYC. By partnering with Mobile Health, you’re choosing a proactive approach to workplace health, ensuring a safer and more productive environment for your team. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your business’s health needs.