Green Key Resources sought an occupational health partner with more clinics, more appointment times, and more exams to scale the healthcare sector of their staffing firm. After 12 successful years, the company continues their partnership with Mobile Health.

Green Key plays a vital role in our nation’s healthcare, placing nurses every day at facilities across the U.S. Every candidate Green Key places must complete their required credentials before they can start a new position. From physical exams to vaccinations and tuberculosis testing, Mobile Health has helped Green Key to place candidates faster than ever through their availability, speed, and technology.

‘We’re filling up to 20 medical field positions a day. When it comes to scheduling pre-employment exams and getting results, we don’t have time to slow down,’ said Karina Gonzalez, Green Key Resources Senior Credentialing Coordinator. ‘If our medicals are taking forever, or we aren’t able to find appointments, we’re just at a standstill. With Mobile Health, appointments are always readily available, with lots of clinic locations and our results come in around two days, compared to 10 days from other vendors.’

Mobile Health’s 6,500+ clinics give Green Key access to the nation’s largest footprint and next-day appointment availability. When placing up to 20 candidates a day, this is a must- have in the fast-paced world of healthcare.


The medical field is the most regulated industry in the nation. There are ever-changing guidelines and strict protocols that result in costly fines when they aren’t performed correctly. Green Key chose Mobile Health based on a proven and trusted reputation in the industry.

‘Through 12 years, we haven’t had to worry about collection errors, samples lost in transit, chain of custody issues, or having the right documents we need to be ready for an audit,’ said Gonzalez. ‘If there is any delay or abnormal results, their customer service team calls us before we even know about it, which is how it should be.’

Not only is the medical field highly regulated, but the landscape is constantly changing. Even beyond COVID-19 protocols, the type of exam you needed yesterday for a nurse to start the job may not be the same exam you need today. An occupational health partner should not only be a service provider, but a knowledgeable resource to anticipate needs.

‘When there is a new type of exam or test, we need for our candidates, Mobile Health is always one step ahead. We can easily create new packages with our account manager and have everything ready to go. There’s never been a service we needed that Mobile Health didn’t offer,’ said Gonzalez.


Scheduling appointments and documenting results can take time away from the million little things Green Key needs to do to place each candidate. The Mobile Health client portal is built to solve these problems and be a tool for success.

‘We use Mobile Health’s portal every single day, so it’s a big part of making everything happen. Scheduling appointments is really easy, even rescheduling is simple and doesn’t require a call to get it done,’ said Gonzalez.

Swift, adaptable technology, paired with dedicated account management from Mobile Health, creates a way for Green Key to have what they need right when they need it to grow their healthcare staffing sector.


 Green Key Resources does staffing differently. Their people-first recruiting philosophy is about creating connections that will help their candidates and their clients flourish. Mobile Health’s mission is to care for the employee and protect the employer through occupational health. By partnering with Mobile Health, Green Key can focus more on creating those vital connections for healthcare across the U.S.

  • Samantha Hough
    Written by:
    Samantha Hough