Broadway Partners with Mobile Health to Raise the Curtain After 15 Months of Shutdown

To enable the return of Broadway and healing of New York City, Mobile Health runs a four-site COVID-19 testing operation.

After 15 months of empty theaters, Broadway began the search for a COVID-19 testing partner. Serving the unique needs of theaters, productions, shows, union representation, and rehearsal times made this a complex undertaking. Mobile Health was awarded the job based on the ability to unify everyone’s needs through one comprehensive testing program.

A Team of Testers with a Passion for Theatre

Broadway is a quintessential part of New York City culture. This missing piece has weighed heavy on the hearts of New Yorkers and everyone who celebrates theatre. Mobile Health is the designated COVID-19 testing provider to raise the curtain for 32 theatres, including Shubert, Nederlander, and Jujamcyn Theatres. The occupational health company has 38 years of disease testing expertise, now putting their clinical excellence to work for Broadway.

Mobile Health runs four testing sites across the city with a total of 1,040 operational hours every week. “We have a team of testers with a passion for theatre, they are simply dedicated to New York City’s healing and the return of Broadway,” said Carrie Rachel Dean, Mobile Health’s Director of On-Site Programs.

'Welcome Back to Broadway'

Dean recently attended her first Broadway production since February of 2020. As she walks into the theatre, she is greeted by an usher who says, “Welcome back to Broadway.” She takes her seat, the lights dim, and tears fill her eyes as the long hours and late nights culminate into the healing of New York City.

About Mobile Health

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