Can COVID-19 Testing Speed Up School and Office Reopenings?

With educators and employers anxious to return to pre-pandemic operations, federal health officials are recommending a different form of COVID-19 testing known as “screening testing” – looking for individual infections in a group even if no one shows symptoms – to speed reopenings of schools and workplaces.

As opposed to diagnostic testing, which tests individuals with signs or symptoms of infection, screening tests individuals showing no symptoms and with no known exposure to COVID-19 who may be contagious. Screening testing helps to detect COVID-19 early so steps may be taken to quickly stop transmission.

Mobile Health offers a suite of COVID-19 screening and diagnostic testing, including pooled testing, with results in as little as 25 minutes. We are experienced providers of on-site COVID-19 testing in educational and workplace settings and can design an on-site testing solution to keep your population safe and healthy and your facility operational.


Screening Testing in Schools

The Biden administration recently allocated $10 billion to states to support COVID-19 screening testing for teachers, staff and students to assist schools in reopening safely for in-person instruction. February 2021 CDC guidance for K-12 districts recommends schools use screening testing to identify cases and prevent secondary transmission. Results from screening testing can be used to determine who may return to in-person school or work and to identify and isolate positive persons to prevent spread.

Screening testing is particularly valuable for schools in areas with moderate, substantial, and high levels of community transmission. Using this form of testing for K–12 schools may allow schools to move between different testing strategies as levels of community transmission change.

Screening Testing in the Workplace

Screening testing can also be effective in workplaces in close contact with the public or where social distancing is difficult, according to March 2021 CDC guidance. It is also recommended for workplaces where continuity of business operations is a high priority. Testing may be conducted daily, periodically, or in certain cases, such as when workers return from a prolonged absence.

Mobile Health Is Your Testing Advisor

We have a 38-year history of screening and testing for communicable diseases. Our testing teams can help you manage all aspects of setting up and administering a testing program on-site, at your school or workplace. We monitor CDC guidance on COVID-19 testing to bring you the most efficient and effective testing strategies.

Whether at school or in the workplace, testing should be part of a comprehensive approach to reducing COVID-19 transmission that includes symptom screening, contact tracing and public health reporting. All Mobile Health COVID-19 testing aligns with these disease prevention goals.

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