DOT drug testing: When is a driver tested?

Long gone are the days of long-haul truckers driving cross country in 48 hours, fueled by coffee and possibly amphetamines.  These are not only nearly extinct truck driver behaviors, but also highly illegal behaviors.  That’s due to increasingly stringent DOT drug testing regulations for commercial drivers license (CDL) drivers.

DOT safety regulations have evolved greatly in the last 20 years and continue to change yearly. While many regulations limit drivers by DOT’s current working hours allowed (e.g. a driver must have 10 hours ‘down’ daily and a driver must have a 34 hour reset each week), many DOT regulations dictate the need for drug testing.

DOT Drug Testing Rules

The DOT has issued very clear rules for drug testing. A CDL driver must get drug tested prior to beginning employment, as well as randomly each year of their employment. Further, if an accident occurs, the DOT accident checklist determines if a driver must be drug tested. In short, if an accident results in a fatality or someone requires treatment at the scene, the driver must get drug tested, regardless of whether the driver receives a citation. Further, in nearly all situations, if a driver receives a citation for any accident, that driver needs to be drug tested.

The most common drug test administered to truck drivers is the 5 panel drug test. This urine test checks for THC, Opiates, PCP, Cocaine, & Amphetamines.

Going Beyond DOT Tests

However, many businesses treat DOT regulations on drug testing as the bare minimum. Large driver staffing companies such as Centerline Drivers sometimes require more frequent drug tests. Drug testing may occur when a driver strikes a deer, for example. Or, depending on the contracting client, requiring drivers take drug tests for any incident that causes damage to tractors, trailers, or even inanimate objects while driving. These extra drug tests exceed DOT regulations, establishing stricter safety requirements for CDL drivers. While these extra drug tests emphasize a company’s unflagging commitment to safety, they require, above all, a partnership with a reliable DOT drug testing company like Mobile Health.

The end goal of DOT drug testing policies and additional employer drug testing focuses on increased safety on public roads and highways. However, tracking DOT regulation changes and increased testing is a complicated process.

Mobile Health Testing Partnership

Mobile Health eliminates this potential headache for employer drug testing programs. Our informed staff closely follows DOT changes and fully grasps DOT testing regulations. Mobile Health provides efficient, comprehensive, and affordable drug tests for all stages of a CDL driver’s career, as well as providing DOT physicals. Mobile Health clinics in 7 New York City & Long Island locations provide your drivers easy access to drug testing.

From preliminary to yearly to post-accident drug tests, even to additional tests requested by an employer, Mobile Health offers unmatched ease of use.  Our expertise gives a fleet manager peace of mind, knowing Mobile Health administers drug tests in full compliance with DOT regulations. Make Mobile Health your partner for keeping your CDL drivers in compliance with evolving DOT regulations and avoiding costly fines or the grounding of your fleet.

To find out how Mobile Health clinics in multiple NY locations can aid your CDL driver drug testing or decrease current expenditures for employer drug testing, please contact us.

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