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Drug Screening

Let’s streamline your onboarding process. Get your testing results faster than ever and all in one portal. With our 6,500+ drug screening locations, we’re right down the street from wherever you are. Want to test everyone in one day? We can come to your with our on-site service! Save time, save money, and move forward faster.

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A pre-employment drug test is used to determine of a prospective hire uses illicit substances or abuses prescription medication. This is key to protecting your current employees and creating a trustworthy workforce. Pre-employment drug testing acts as an effective deterrent against drug abuse and its impact on business.

If you aim to remain drug-free, random drug testing will be a vital part of your initiative. Random drug testing is a strong deterrent to drug users because it is conducted on an unannounced basis. Typically, these employees are selected by an outside third-party administrator or a computer program. Drug testing at random provides companies a powerful tool to help ensure no illegal drug use occurs in the workforce at any time.

Annual drug tests consistently remind employees that a drug-free workplace policy exists and will be enforced. These tests also help prevent any discrimination or preferential treatment. That’s because the company tests all employees annually from their date of hire. This provides a great, transparent opportunity to treat all employees equally under the company’s policies.

When an employee successfully finishes treatment for drug abuse through an EAP or the service of a substance abuse professional, return-to-duty drug tests are administered. These reassure the employer that drug use no longer poses an issue with the employee. In addition, follow-up tests may also be administered to the employee down the line to make sure the drug use does not continue at any time after treatment.

Build Your Own Testing Program

Everyone’s drug screening needs and frequencies are different. Its not one size fits all. New hires? Annual testing? Reasonable suspicion? From 5 to 13-panel drug tests and every frequency combination, let’s find out the best fit for you.

On-Demand Results

Fast results in 48-72 hours. When the results are in, you have immediate access to them in your Mobile Health Portal. No more searching for emails and missing paperwork. With one glance, you can understand your results because they are organized and color coded with no click-throughs required.

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