How Mobile Health Simplifies DOT Physicals

If you are looking to get a new commercial driver on the road quickly, they will first need to pass a DOT exam to ensure they are healthy and ready for the job. DOT exams are required by law, and are comprised of a driver health history review, vision screening, hearing testing, blood pressure, urinalysis, and physical exam with the option for a 5-panel drug test.

Mobile Health is ready to be your go-to occupational health partner for DOT physical exams and DOT drug tests, all performed by our FMCSA-certified medical examiners.

Here’s how we can have your driver on the road by tomorrow:


Next-Day DOT Exams

No time to spare? No problem! With 6,500 Mobile Health locations across the United States, we have more clinics and more appointment availability than any other DOT exam provider.

Find a DOT Exam Testing Location

If you need to clear a driver by tomorrow, our clinicians will ensure your DOT screening needs are quickly and accurately met.


Driver Self-Scheduling

We’ve found one of the keys to getting drivers cleared and on the road faster starts with letting them schedule their own appointments! This prevents wasted time going back and forth trying to set an appointment time, as well as delayed DOT physical appointment start times—we’re ready to test your driver at a convenient time for them so they can get moving quicker.

Our driver self-scheduling process is simple. You’ll receive a scheduling link from our team to send to your driver. Then, they choose an appointment time and Mobile Health clinic location that works for their individual schedule. They’ll need to bring a few items to their appointment, including a list of their current medications, supporting documentation for any chronic medical conditions, and any eyewear or hearing aids (if applicable).

Once your driver has set up their appointment, they’ll just need to show up, get tested by one of our licensed clinicians, and we’ll handle the rest!


Quick DOT Testing Results

Following your driver’s appointment, their exam results come straight to you—no waiting and no worries. Your driver will leave our clinic with their certification card in hand and they will be ready to hit the road!


Easy DOT Exam Recordkeeping

By law, you are required to keep all DOT physical exam and DOT drug testing records of your drivers for three years.

When you partner with Mobile Health, you benefit from access to one easy-to-view dashboard that displays your driver’s electronic FMSCA Medical Examination Report, Clearance Certificate, and CDL.

Even though you are required to keep these records for three years, rest assured, we will have them on file as long as you need if you ever need to access them again in the future.

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