How We Simplify Employee Screening with On-Site Services

Employee screening has never been easier with Mobile Health’s on-site employee screening services. We are simplifying employee screening with on-site drug and alcohol testing, physical exams, vision and hearing exams, COVID-19 testing, respirator fit testing, employee physicals, vaccinations, and more. Mobile Health brings the lab and our experts to you! We are the only service provider offering all the on-site employee screening services employers need. Let’s take a closer look at our on-site employee screening services and why we’re the #1 provider of on-site employee screening and occupational health! 

Mobile Health’s On-Site Employee Screening Services

Beginning as a mobile company, Mobile Health has accumulated nearly 40 years of experience in conducting employee screening. With our comprehensive on-site program, we bring all of our employee screening services to you. We pride ourselves on providing the very best on-site employee screening services for three key reasons. Firstly, Mobile Health can come on-site to your premises to instantly screen your employees. We can also send new hires to any of our 6500+ locations across the country. Finally, we can send our mobile fleet to meet you wherever you are in the United States. It doesn’t need to be at your office or building, we can turn any space into a professional on-site employee screening environment. 

Mobile Health’s comprehensive list of employee screening on-site services to make employee screening simpler than ever before. Here is a list of our available on-site employee screening services: 

  • Respirator fit testing 
  • COVID-19 testing 
  • Employee physicals 
  • Drug testing 
  • Titers (including Hep B, Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Rubeola, Varicella) 
  • Tuberculosis (including QuantiFeron & PPD) 
  • Vision screening 
  • Audiology & hearing screening (whisper test and audiograms) 
  • Vaccination (including Tetanus, Flu, COVID-19, TDAP, Varicella & MMR) 
  • Pulmonary function tests & spirometry 
  • Urinalysis 
  • Physical abilities testing 

100% Turnkey End-to-End Service

Our on-site employee screening services include everything you need. We bring staff, supplies, hazardous waste removal and even our own Wi-Fi to your site. Mobile Health brings an army of the best on-site employee screening professionals, including our experienced logistics team, medical professionals, customer service and technology. Our on-site employee screening services are geared around getting the best results for you, faster than any other service provider. We like to say that where you see a conference room, we see a clinic. Mobile Health is here to simplify your employee screening with our comprehensive and 100% turnkey end-to-end on-site service. 

Why Choose Mobile Health

There is no better team to choose for your on-site employee screening services than Mobile Health. Our mobile team can bring our comprehensive employee screening services to you, wherever you are in the United States. We have decades of experience in delivering a range of on-site services and we are committed to providing the very best services possible. With highly experienced on-site teams and state-of-the-art technology, we are fully equipped to handle your on-site service requirements. You can trust our experience, history, and commitment to service. Simplify your employee screening needs with Mobile Health’s range of on-site employee screening services. 

Simplify Your Employee Screening with Mobile Health

Are you ready to simplify your employee screening with our range of on-site services? The Mobile Health team is here to help answer any questions that you may have. Click here to get in touch with the Mobile Health team today! We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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