Is Your Office Ready for a Labor Day Reopening?

See you in September?

The first Monday in September traditionally signals back to school, but Labor Day 2021 will bring many workers back to the office – to newly reopened and reimagined workplaces

Surveys across industries show that many employers plan to return workers to offices by Labor Day or soon after, following more than a year of COVID-driven closures and remote work.

Though workers’ return will likely occur in waves, with employees once again sharing elevators, conference rooms, and cafeterias, how does an employer protect against COVID-19 outbreaks? Mobile Health On-Site COVID-19 Testing and Screening helps you safely return workers to your office

Reopening Indicators

Who will be the first back to the office? In New York, all bets are on workers in the real estate, tech, financial, and insurance sectors. A March survey of major employers by the Partnership for New York City found that:

  • Almost half of New York City’s one million office workers are expected to return by September 2021 (although many will work remotely part of the time)
  • More than half of real estate workers are already back in offices, with 82 percent expected to return by Labor Day
  • Tech employers expect 51% of employees to return by September 2021
  • Finance and insurance employers expect 50% of employees to return by September

Elsewhere, the financial sector is eyeing a Labor Day return to work. A Callan survey of investment managers across the country found that 28 percent aim to reopen between July and September, with a third of respondents in the Northeast planning a September return to office.

And global banks with a U.S. presence are planning mid-summer and Labor Day returns to offices, according to Reuters.

A return to the office requires careful planning. All employers should consult state and federal health departments to ensure they comply with COVID-19 safety requirements. Mobile Health can help you navigate state and OSHA regulations, such as Respirator Fit Testing for workers when airborne hazards are a concern.

Worker Readiness

A Labor Day reopening comes as no surprise to workers whose employers have been socializing reopening plans for months. In an April CNBC and SurveyMonkey Workforce Happiness Index, 40 percent of surveyed workers still working from home expected to return to their office in some capacity by Labor Day. Nearly a quarter of remote workers say their company has a final reopening plan ready.

Returning employees envision a post-COVID workplace that includes hybrid remote/in-office schedules. They also seek Office 2.0 features like touchless tech, improved ventilation, social distancing, masking mandates, and hand sanitizing stations.

Why Test When So Many Are Vaccinated?

Even with widespread vaccinations, COVID-19 outbreaks can still occur. Due to vaccine hesitancy and other factors, the United States has not yet achieved the desired herd immunity of 70 to 90 percent. Also, scientists don’t know for sure if vaccines protect against emerging and highly contagious variants of the virus.

For these reasons, the CDC still recommends frequent COVID-19 screening testing, especially when people are in close proximity, such as in the workplace.

There’s another critical reason to test: When combined with measures like handwashing and social distancing, On-Site COVID-19 Testing reassures employees you are doing everything necessary to safeguard their health and well-being. And reassured employees are productive employees!

Let Mobile Health simplify your Labor Day reopening. Our on-site teams provide gold standard PCR testing or rapid antigen testing. Results in as little as 15 minutes, with no disruption to your workday. Simple-to-use results dashboard provides a snapshot of workplace health.

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