Mobile Health is Reinventing Employee Screening and OSHA Compliance


When hiring a new candidate, the employee screening process can overshadow the best part ─ getting to say “you’ve got the job!” HR personnel spend more time scheduling exams and chasing down results than doing the things they love. Mobile Health has used their technology to combat this long-time battle. They have defeated the stigma of old, unusable technology, and have given the industry tools for success. The Mobile Health client portal gives companies access to 6,500+ nationwide clinics, comprehensive services, and real-time results. Rather than having a long list of providers, lost passwords, and 1-800 numbers, Mobile Health provides peace of mind through one partnership, providing every service HR personnel need to successfully hire and maintain annual compliance. Mobile Health services include drug tests, physical exams, respirator fit testing, vaccines, titer, TB testing, and more.

“Our goal has always been to make our clients happy and keep their people safe by going beyond what the industry says is ‘enough,’” says Andrew Shulman, Mobile Health CEO. “We want our people, our services, and our technology to always be better, faster, and more delightful for people simply trying to care for their employees. It is an honor to be recognized by HR Tech Outlook and HR personnel everywhere.”


Mobile Health began 38 years ago, providing on-site exams in New York City. Hard work and constant innovation have grown the company to include nationwide coverage with 6,500 clinics, on-site delivery of service, and a large fleet of mobile units that travel the country delivering employment-related medical screenings wherever they are needed. Working with companies of all sizes, Mobile Health can test thousands of employees overnight and see new employees with next-day appointments at a clinic in their neighborhood. This ‘do whatever it takes’ kind of service is the care and dedication HR personnel have been looking for in their occupational health provider. Mobile Health is enabling more companies to operate and do their jobs the way they were intended.

About Mobile Health 

Mobile Health is a trusted employee screening and occupational health provider with 38 years of clinical excellence. Their comprehensive services and flexible solutions simplify OSHA compliance for employers. You can send employees to their 6,500+ nationwide clinics, bring the on-site teams to your doorstep, or deploy the Mobile Health fleet to any location in the U.S. Mobile Health’s award-winning client portal empowers employers with real-time results, 30-second scheduling, and HIPAA-compliant security. For more information, visit 

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