Mobile Health Named Top Occupational Health Company of 2021

Speed, Innovation, and Dedicated Workforce Make Mobile Health an Award-Winning Company in Pre-Employment Screening

HR TECH OUTLOOK has designated Mobile Health its Top 2021 Pre-Employment Screening Service Company. In its April 2021 issue, the enterprise technology magazine described Mobile Health as “a game-changer in the pre-employment screening space,” citing speed in its results delivery as its key differentiator.

“The speed of our results delivery is a clear marker of distinction for us,” explained CEO Andrew Shulman in accepting the award. “It’s one of our key performance indicators. We track it, we live it, we breathe it. The day we don’t provide results, someone doesn’t get to work.”

Mobile Health’s expedited results delivery provides a bridge between employers anxious to fill a vacancy and employees eager to begin work, he said in the magazine’s company profile.

Shulman credited the company’s core philosophy, stellar services, and dedicated workforce for the company’s growth, which topped 30 percent year-over-year.

In naming Mobile Health Company of the Year, HR TECH OUTLOOK highlighted the company’s 38-year history and forward-looking plans to solidify itself as a one-stop provider of occupational health solutions.

Mobile Health provides a full suite of occupational health services, including some aimed at reducing COVID-19 transmission — COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration and respirator fit testing. The company has more than 3,000 urgent care centers and labs in its network and plans to add 2,000 more in 2021 to expand its strong national footprint.

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