Mobile Health Performs 39,000 On-Site Respirator Fit Tests to Revolutionize Healthcare Compliance

Mobile Health celebrates their audacious fit testing program for a group of medical centers.

When thousands of healthcare workers need respirator fit testing to keep them on the job, Mobile Health rises to the challenge. Recently, Mobile Health’s on-site teams performed a six-site, 39,000-fit test operation to keep a group of medical centers in compliance. The 38-year occupational health company breaks industry norms by bringing the clinic on-site to the client, no matter the size of the need.

A New Path to OSHA Compliance

Mobile Health makes employee medical screening simple by bringing services right to the doorstep of their partners. Instead of boxing or limiting how OSHA compliance can be achieved, Mobile Health scales and pivots to meet the pressing needs of the industry. The company launched their on-site respirator fit testing teams at the onset of the pandemic to assist New York City’s frontline workers ─ their teams haven’t slowed down since. When the opportunity arose to fit test 39,000 employees, Mobile Health was ready to embark on their largest project to date.

“Our respirator fit testing teams have shown what true excellence looks like,” said Victoria Roberts, Mobile Health COO. “From planning to execution, our staff has taken care of every detail to ensure our partners don’t have to lift a finger. We stand up fully operational fit testing clinics across the country every day. This is the way occupational health should be.”

Amazing People, Innovative Technology

What does it look like to fit test 39,000 employees on-site? For Mobile Health, it looks like a 24/7 operation to accommodate the shift and schedule of every employee. It looks like on-site technology to handle everything from registration to results. It looks like a team of experts with 38 years of clinical excellence powering their every move.

Mobile Health’s amazing people and innovative technology have streamlined what it looks like to provide respirator fit testing for employers. Their on-site teams and mobile fleet are growing as they prepare for more projects across the country in 2022.

About Mobile Health

Mobile Health is a trusted employee screening and occupational health provider with 38 years of clinical excellence. Their comprehensive services and flexible solutions simplify OSHA compliance for employers. You can send employees to their 6,500+ nationwide clinics, bring the on-site teams to your doorstep, or deploy the Mobile Health fleet to any location in the U.S. Mobile Health’s award-winning client portal empowers employers with real-time results, 30-second scheduling, and HIPAA-compliant security. For more information, visit

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