Mobile Health Reinvents The One-Stop Respiratory Protection Hub For Employers


OSHA respiratory protection standard 29 CFR 1910.134 is a lengthy, long-standing regulation, yet there are few solutions and resources in the market to understand what it means and how to maintain compliance. Mobile Health sifts through the jargon and lengthy documents to give employers clear guidance and ready-to-go services to execute their respiratory protection program. From common respirator fit testing questions to record-keeping protocols, Mobile Health has made a library of resources that better equip employers to make informed decisions on protecting their staff.

“ is agile, comprehensive, and modern just like our respirator fit testing services,” said Dave Schramm, Mobile Health Chief Marketing Officer. “We’ve taken our experiences, findings, and best practices, bottled that up, and turned it into something we know our partners need.”

Mobile Health fulfills old OSHA standards in a brand-new way ─ employers can have the on-site fit testing team sent to their location, they can schedule next-day appointments at Mobile Health’s 6,500+ nationwide clinics, or perform fit testing themselves through the self-administered Mobile Health FIT KIT™. showcases each solution and the ability to pair OSHA-required online medical evaluations for a complete respiratory protection plan.

“Our goal has always been to make our clients happy and keep their people safe by going beyond what the industry says is ‘enough,’” says Andrew Shulman, Mobile Health CEO. “We want our people, our services, and our technology to always be better, faster, and more delightful for people simply trying to care for their employees. It is an honor to be recognized by HR Tech Outlook and HR personnel everywhere.”

About Mobile Health 

Mobile Health is a trusted employee screening and occupational health provider with 38 years of clinical excellence. Their comprehensive services and flexible solutions simplify OSHA compliance for employers. You can send employees to their 6,500+ nationwide clinics, bring their on-site teams to your doorstep, or deploy the Mobile Health fleet to any location in the U.S. Mobile Health’s award-winning client portal empowers employers with real-time results, 30-second scheduling, and HIPAA-compliant security. For more information, visit

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