New York’s Best DOT Physical Provider

Mobile Health is New York’s #1 DOT physical provider. With our DOT physical exams and DOT drug tests, you can get your drivers screened and back on the road faster with next-day, no-wait appointments.

Comprehensive DOT Physical Exams

Mobile Health provides New York commercial drivers with comprehensive DOT physical exams, ensuring that your drivers can be cleared with just one appointment at one clinic. Our thorough DOT exams include a vision and hearing test, blood pressure, urinalysis, and a full health history review. The Mobile Health team can even complete a 5-panel DOT drug test during the same exam. With our comprehensive DOT physical exams, your drivers will have everything they need to get back on the road with their DOT certification as fast as possible.​ Find out more about the different elements of our DOT physical exams on our website.

Flexible Appointment Times & Clinic Locations

Mobile Health has more clinics and more appointment times than any other DOT physical exam provider in New York. Our clinics are based near bus stops and major transit lines to make them as accessible as possible for your drivers. If you need a DOT physical for your drivers, you will find a Mobile Health clinic right in their backyard. Want to browse our New York clinic locations? You can search for your nearest Mobile Health clinic on our website.

Seamless Technology

One of the key reasons why we are New York’s most trusted DOT physical provider is our unparalleled technology. With Mobile Health, your drivers can use our self-scheduling platform to choose a clinic and appointment time that works best for them. New York employers receive real-time results directly in their client portal. Each document is signed by our FMCSA-certified medical examiners. In just a few simple steps, your drivers will leave with their DOT certification in hand, and you will have all the documents you need in an easy-to-access online portal, simplifying your recordkeeping requirements.

Mobile Health Are New York’s Trusted DOT Exam Experts

There is no better team to trust to get your drivers back on the road than Mobile Health. For over 38 years, the Mobile Health team has been providing next-day appointments all across New York. As specialists in occupational health, you and your drivers won’t need to worry about getting stuck behind prioritized sick and injured patients. Our employee health clinics provide no-wait appointments, enabling the fastest turnaround time possible for your busy drivers.

Mobile Health is here to provide your drivers with a comprehensive DOT physical exam or DOT drug test to get them back on the road fast. There is no better team to rely on for fast, efficient, and professional DOT physicals than Mobile Health. Get started with us today.

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