Pitfalls and Progress from Higher Education COVID-19 Testing Experts

We all thought the virus would be under control by Labor Day. The Delta variant had other ideas. The Chronicle of Higher Education gathered a panel of experts to discuss the advancements that have been made and pitfalls to avoid to protect campus health in the spring of 2022, inviting Mobile Health’s Chief Operations Officer, Troy Cassel, as the COVID-19 testing expert.


Liz McMillen, The Chronicle’s Executive Editor asks, “What have we learned about testing and how colleges should be preparing for the spring?”

“Any institution I have talked to that has tried to run testing themselves, found it very taxing on what is already a dramatically under-resourced student health operation,” said Cassel.

In 2020, testing was hard to secure and high cost. Now, testing is available and affordable, enabling colleges to take the weight off of staff whose jobs have become overwhelmed by testing. For colleges across the country, a COVID-19 testing partnership is the reliable solution to give campus life a renewed sense of normalcy for students and staff. Less confusion, less distraction, and most importantly, effective outbreak protection.


“The actual cost of tests has come down dramatically over the last six months to the degree that the cost of a test, particularly when you talk about pooled lab testing, is almost negligible,” said Cassel. 

Pooled testing takes affordability to the next level. Mobile Health uses a “double-swabbing” methodology where the first swab is combined with swabs from 24 other students and tested as a “batch” or pooled sample. The testing laboratory stores the second swab and only performs individual tests if the pool is positive. Pooled testing allows campuses to test 24 students with the same resources as a single diagnostic test, creating a cost-effective, sustainable program.


“What we have learned is that testing works,” said Cassel. 

Mobile Health provides end-to-end program management for ongoing testing on college campuses across the country. We are an occupational health provider with 38 years of disease testing expertise. We provide the clinical expertise, staff, supplies, and reporting technology to make testing a seamless experience. Our affordable programs are proven and perfected. 

We have developed a commonsense approach to COVID-19 testing with comprehensive guides, practical advice, and sample programs to develop your plan of action. Check out our higher education resource center and schedule a consultation with a testing expert today.

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