Point of Care PCR Tests: Results in 30 Minutes

There’s good news for businesses, schools, universities and other large groups considering COVID-19 testing but deterred by long waits for results. Mobile Health On-Site COVID-19 screening and testing program now offers Point of Care PCR molecular testing with RESULTS IN 30 MINUTES

The on-the-spot PCR test combines the reliability of the ‘gold standard’ PCR diagnostic test with the speed and cost-effectiveness of a rapid test. 

Use of rapid Point of Care PCR testing means staff, students, visitors and guests are cleared for entry faster.  This helps to ensure a healthier and safer workplace, school campus or live event. 

The availability of rapid PCR testing reinforces Mobile Health’s 35-year reputation for delivering faster, more efficient occupational health screening and testing results. Its medical personnel can quickly mobilize to administer onsite COVID-19 screening and testing almost anywhere people work, learn or gather. 

Tailored COVID-19 Testing

Mobile Health’s new Point-of-Care PCR test, which diagnoses an active infection, expands its suite of onsite COVID-19 testing choices. The company helps businesses assess testing priorities in terms of reliability, cost and results turnaround times. 

To recap, Mobile Health offers the following onsite COVID-19 testing options: 

  • New Point of Care PCR testing (results in 30 minutes) using the Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test by Mesa Biotech 
  • Point of Care Antigen Testing (results in 15 minutes) using the Quidel Sofia 2 
  • PCR Testing through a certified lab (results 24 hours from lab sample receipt)  
  • Pooled Testing (results available in 24-48 hours from lab sample receipt) 

Also, Mobile Health can round out COVID-19 testing with these optional screening services: 

  • Daily Electronic Questionnaires with Real Time Reporting 
  • Temperature Screenings 

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Need help navigating the world of COVID-19 tests? Mobile Health experts can walk organizations through every option for a safer return to work, school, or leisure.

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