Readying Nursing Home Staff for N95 Respirators

Even as long-term care facilities resume normal activities, the CDC urges higher levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) for nursing home staff, including the wearing of N95 respirators or higher.

The CDC issued PPE guidance for nursing home staff handling patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The virus has extracted a deadly toll on the U.S. long-term care population. Nursing home residents represent nearly 1 in 10 Coronavirus cases, and more than 1 in 4 COVID-19 deaths, according to an Associated Press analysis of government data.

Respirator Fit Testing for N95 Wearers

OSHA requires respirator fit testing (RFTs) to ensure N95 masks fit properly, reducing exposure to certain airborne hazards, including COVID-19.  

Mobile Health can partner to customize RFTs for nursing homes, dental practices, hospital vendors or other businesses adapting to new PPE requirements: 

  • Does your staff number 50 or less? Order a Mobile Health FIT KIT and fit-test workers yourself, using Mobile Health supplies and support. We ship FIT KIT to you, pre-screen staff with online medical evaluations, and provide live and video-based RFT training. 
  • More than 50 staff members? Request a Mobile RFT Team be deployed to your facility immediately.  Our onsite team will clear larger groups for N95 respirator use at your place of business. These large-scale RFT events are our business. Earlier this year, we fit-tested 15,000+ healthcare workers on-site at several hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  • Staff scattered or small? Schedule a Respirator Fit Test at any NY Mobile Health clinic or one of our 2,700 provider partners nationwide.

Whether via FIT KIT, onsite or clinic-based, Mobile Health RFTs provide you with peace of mind so you can focus on your priority: taking care of your patients


Read our RFT FAQs.

We’re Here to Help

Stricter protocols represent new terrain for many healthcare providers and businesses. That’s why we’re here with services, experience, and technology to efficiently clear your staff for work.  We’ve been pre-screening employees or more than 35 years. Our frequently requested occupational health screenings include RFTs, drug testing, physical exams, and much more.

Questions? Mobile Health Account Managers can answer them at any time, and guide your business to the right healthcare screening solutions.

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