Return to Work Confidently: COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring, Testing, Vaccine Administration

Mobile Health, an occupational health provider for 38 years, makes it easy to conduct a Return-to-Work program at your office or job site. Our experienced medical team delivers end-to-end COVID-19 services. This includes screening, testing and vaccine administration — offered at your location for a safe return to work during the pandemic.

On-Site, At your Location

For every service, Mobile Health brings all medical staff, supplies* and clinical protocols and provides a superior patient experience. We handle on-site management and patient scheduling so you don’t have to worry about those operational details. You simply provide a space for testing and vaccinations (we can arrange a location, if needed) and we do the rest.

*Mobile Health administers client-supplied vaccines.


One Platform, One Solution

Mobile Health’s web-based HIPAA-compliant technology is your single source to monitor employee symptoms, schedule and track COVID-19 testing and results, and administer COVID-19 vaccines.

  • Symptom Monitoring Technology allows employees to quickly complete a simple health questionnaire. This gives you a real-time snapshot and control over potential exposure.
  • On-site COVID-19 Testing clears thousands of individuals per week to ensure a safe and healthy workforce.
  • Vaccine Administration, including on-site management and medical professionals, vaccinates thousands of individuals each week with the vaccines you provide.
  • Respirator Fit Testing to meet strict OSHA requirements to lessen risks from airborne pathogens.

Read on to learn more about each service.


Symptom Monitoring

Mobile Health’s Symptom Monitoring technology allows you to assess the health of your employees so you can stay productive, and have a safe return to work during COVID-19.  With Mobile Health, Employee Symptom Monitoring and Temperature Screening is simple:


COVID-19 Testing

Mobile Health offers on-site COVID-19 testing options to suit every business need and budget, with results available in as little as 15 minutes. With every test, our mobile medical teams handle every detail:

  • PCR Point-of Care Testing – Results in 30 minutes: Specimens collected and processed on-site at the point of care. This is the gold standard of testing, as it has evolved from a laboratory test to one administered on-site.
  • PCR Lab-Based – Results in 48 hours or Less: Specimens collected on-site and processed in our laboratory.
  • Antigen – Results in 15 minutes: A point-of-care test administered on-site that is a valuable tool when screening a large volume of individuals.
  • Antibody – Results in 24 Hours or Less: Specimens collected on-site and processed in our laboratory. Used to determine if an individual has had COVID-19. It is not used to detect current infection.


Vaccine Administration

As we do for COVID-19 testing, Mobile Health provides all medical staff and technology for our Vaccine Administration service. From nurses to managers to patient greeters, the Mobile Health team is your single source to efficiently administer your doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, our secure HIPAA-compliant technology platform manages scheduling, tracking, and reporting.

Get Started

Reopen and return to work with confidence. Tap Mobile Health’s 38 years of providing health testing and screening programs tailored to businesses’ needs. Request a free quote or contact us at 212-695-5122 to discuss a management solution to have a healthy and safe return to work during COVID-19.

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