The Importance of On-Site COVID-19 Testing

There is no doubt that when it comes to COVID-19 testing, speed matters. When you need to quickly test thousands of employees at once, Mobile Health has the perfect solution. We provide fast, affordable, and practical on-site COVID-19 testing services. Let’s take a closer look at why on-site COVID testing is important and how you can test on-site with Mobile Health.

Why Is On-Site COVID-19 Testing Important?

COVID-19 is a fast-spreading virus that requires immediate attention. Unchecked, it can lead to rapidly growing cases, particularly in places like schools, hospitals, and workplaces. On-site COVID-19 testing is the perfect solution for organizations and businesses wanting to stay on top of their COVID-19 protection plan. With on-site COVID-19 testing, you can quickly and accurately test up to 50,000 people in your workplace or organization. With results received in under 15 minutes, you can react to real-time data and stop the spread of COVID-19 in your organization. On-site COVID-19 testing is the most efficient and cost-effective way to test large numbers of people within organizations and workplaces.

Our On-Site COVID-19 Testing Service

At Mobile Health, we offer a fast, affordable, and practical on-site COVID-19 testing service. Our skilled and fully trained on-site COVID-19 testing teams have successfully executed testing programs for hospitals, schools, and employers nationwide.

We take care of everything and can make any space you have ready for COVID-19 testing. Our on-site COVID-19 testing service is a complete end-to-end solution, from patient testing to result notification. We create a comprehensive operational plan that is tailored directly to your patients and locations, helping you to cut costs and operate the most efficient on-site COVID-19 testing event. We conduct the COVID-19 tests with PCR or rapid antigen testing and receive results in under 15 minutes. Our fully equipped clinical teams can accommodate 50 to 50,000 people for your on-site COVID-19 testing event.

How Will You Receive Test Results?

The Mobile Health portal allows us to instantly report test results to your ATS or HRIS system in real-time and send individual results directly to patients by text. On-site COVID-19 testing has never been easier, more efficient, and more affordable with Mobile Health.

Arrange On-Site COVID-19 Testing With Mobile Health

Would you like to take action and arrange on-site COVID-19 testing with Mobile Health? Click here to get started and request a free estimate for on-site COVID-19 testing from the Mobile Health team. You can also find more information on our success in on-site COVID-19 testing on our website here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Do you have questions about our on-site COVID-19 testing service? Call us today at 212-695-5122 or click here to get in touch with the Mobile Health team through our website.

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