Top 10 Things to Look for When Choosing an Occupational Health Provider

First things first. What does it mean to have an occupational health provider? It means you have a partner that helps make pre-employment and annual screening easy and effective. So, services like drug testing, work physicals, TB testing, and vaccines are completely handled for you. Here are 10 things to look for to choose the right occupational health provider.

Comprehensive Services & Exams

When you choose a provider, you only want ONE provider. Scheduling multiple exams for employees to meet annual requirements is exhausting. When everything can be scheduled in one easy appointment, you and your employees will jump for joy! At Mobile Health, we provide every service you need with complete customizations.

• Drug & Alcohol Testing
• Physical Exams
• Vaccines & Titers
• Physical Abilities Testing
• Respirator Fit Testing
• TB Exams & X-Rays
• Vision & Hearing Exams
• COVID-19 Testing

Advanced Technology

Easy scheduling, fast results, and regulatory compliance all come down to technology. Everything you need should be at your fingertips, no calls or emails required. With Mobile Health’s client portal, every service, customized appointments, scheduling, and everything can all be done in a few clicks. We upload results to your portal in real-time and ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Large National Footprint

You need someone right in your backyard. If you have multiple locations, you need someone in every backyard. When you’re sending hundreds of employees out for testing, accessibility is everything. With our 6,500+ national locations, 77% of your employees live within 10 miles of a Mobile Health clinic. We have more appointment times available than any other provider, so you can schedule a next-day appointment that actually works with your employee’s schedule.

On-Site Options

When choosing a provider, always look to see if they have on-site options for ALL of their services. Why on-site? Because when hundreds of employees need annual exams, on-site testing can be the thing you need to maintain compliance and keep up with your company’s growth. Mobile Health can bring any service wherever you are (even multiple locations). You won’t have to lift a finger. We come on-site with the staff and supplies we need to test your entire workforce. Once your on-site event is complete, you go from having zero records to all the records you need for the year.

Clinical Expertise

Beyond fulfilling regulations, you truly want your employees to be safe and healthy. Clinical expertise is pivotal for every exam. Titers test done wrong? Your employee is susceptible to disease. Physical abilities done wrong? They could get hurt on the job. Fit test done wrong? Their mask won’t provide proper protection. Choose a provider with a long history of clinical expertise. Mobile Health has been doing this for 38 years. Some of our partners have been with us since the beginning because they know their people are in good hands.

Dedicated Account Management

When calling your occupational health provider, you shouldn’t have a 1-800 number. You should have the number and email for your direct contact that is always there to take care of your needs and fix something in a flash. At Mobile Health, you have a dedicated account manager that helps you create your comprehensive occupational health program and is always a call away for questions and future needs.

HR Adaptability

Many times, occupational health is all handled by a company’s HR team. If this is the case for you, you need a partner that builds everything around the needs of the HR team. From scheduling to results, Mobile Health takes into account the pain points and needs of HR teams across the country. We can deliver results directly to your team’s HRIS/ATS. No transferring files, no waiting. Our technology does the heavy lifting for you. Plus, our employee self-scheduling portal takes the burden of scheduling and confirming appointments off their shoulders. Now, all they need to do is simply send a scheduling link to candidates and employees, results will come straight to them.

Occupational Health Focus

Believe it or not, many companies do occupational health on the side. They perform a few services you need, so why not be the jack of all trades? This is where you can go wrong when choosing a provider. When the focus is all over the place, things slip through the cracks. Since regulatory compliance all comes down to the details (chain of custody, documentation, clinical processes) … you need a partner that only does the one thing you need well. Mobile Health has only been focused on occupational health for the past 38 years. That’s why we have every exam you need, backed by clinical excellence and award-winning technology.

Scalability & Adaptability

Needs shift and regulations change all the time. What if you have a huge growth spurt and have more new employees than you can handle? We can come on-site and test them all in a day. What if a new regulation comes out and now all of your employees are out of compliance? You can rest assured that we have the services and capacity to clear everyone asap. We don’t stay stagnant. We pivot and adapt to get the job done.

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