Tuberculosis Chest X-Ray

The contagious disease of tuberculosis not only attacks the lungs but also can affect other organs such as the kidney, spine and brain. In certain cases, a patient may need a tuberculosis chest X-ray to confirm this diagnosis.

Two common tests determine the presence of tuberculin bacteria: PPD skin tests and QuantiFERON blood tests. Of the two tests, PPD tests often lead to a false positive result. This occurs either due to patient exposure to the disease or other exposure risk factors.

When a positive result occurs from a PPD test, Mobile Health routinely asks that patient to schedule a chest X-ray. The Tb chest X-ray confirms whether or not they are TB positive.

Should I schedule a TB Chest X-Ray?

Clinicians frequently recommend tuberculosis X-rays to confirm the presence of TB or damage to the lungs. These X-rays should only be scheduled if:

  • A patient tests positive for TB in PPD or QuantiFERON exam
  • The patient has a documented history of testing positive for TB
  • A patient expresses concern about recent exposure to TB disease
  • The patient exhibits symptoms or signs of being infected with tuberculosis

What will a TB Chest X-Ray show me?

Chest X-Rays are a simple procedure to confirm the presence of TB in the patient. During the procedure, the clinician will take X-rays of the chest from multiple angles. A clinician will analyze the results to determine if the lung X-rays show any signs of advance pulmonary tuberculosis. The clinician will also check for any existing damage for patients who have a documented history of testing positive.

When are TB Chest X-Rays Mandatory?

Tuberculosis chest X-rays are mandatory for:

  • Patients who test positive after taking a TB test ( PPD or QuantiFERON)
  • Patients with documented history of testing positive every 5-10 years. These patients require a new X-ray

Where can I schedule a TB Chest X-ray?

Patients can schedule a TB Chest X-Ray at our Manhattan or Hempstead locations or at many of our nationwide network offices. To find a location that’s most convenient check our location finder page.

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