What is a titer test?

A / titer /ˈtīdər/ test is a simple blood test used to prove immunity to disease. How does it prove this? By measuring the amount of antibodies in the blood for the specific diseases you are testing for. An antibody is a protein created by the immune system to fight airborne viruses and bacteria. A positive titer test means the patient has immunity; a negative titer test means the patient does not have immunity.

Why do I need a titer test to prove immunity?

For many healthcare workers and educators, they need to prove immunity to enter the workplace. For instance, if a nurse is completing a Varicella titer and the results are negative, this means the nurse needs the Varicella vaccine to get their immunity level back where it needs to be. Regular titer testing ensures workers are always ready to fight off the diseases they may encounter in the workplace.

What are the most common titer tests?

Measles and Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, and Hepatitis (Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C) are the most common diseases tested for when performing titers. Your local DOH may require annual testing for all of these diseases to ensure workplace protection. Mobile Health performs completely customizable titer testing. You can choose any combination or test for all at once with one simple blood draw. 

OSHA Exploring an Infectious Disease Requirement

OSHA announced in June of 2022 that they are exploring an infectious disease rule that would require comprehensive protection plans for a range of industries (healthcare, emergency response, correctional facilities, homeless shelters, rehabilitation programs, and other increased risk settings). This is not just COVID-19 testing and vaccinations ─ this is frequent titer testing, tuberculosis testing, vaccinations, respiratory protection, and more.

Previously, these requirements have only been made by the DOH, but OSHA is looking to completely revamp their infectious disease standards, with a 2023 launch goal.

Where can I get a titers test?

Mobile Health has 6,500+ clinics performing titers testing. So, we’re right in your backyard! If you are an individual looking for a titer test for work, school, or life, click here to schedule an appointment. If you are an employer, let’s create a comprehensive plan to maintain compliance! Your employees can use our self-scheduling platform and results will come straight to your client portal. If you’ve got hundreds of workers who need testing at once, let’s make it easy ─ our on-site titer test team will come to you. From 100 to 100,000 employees, we’ve done it all. Click here to talk with an expert and get the ball rolling for your employees.

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