What Makes Mobile Health Your Trusted Employee Screening Specialist?


With the rise of remote work and a more geographically dispersed labor force, it’s more critical than ever to have a trusted employee screening specialist that can meet your organization’s occupational health needs. Whether your team is in a single office, hospital, or retail store, or dispersed across the United States, Mobile Health offers an extensive suite of employee health screening services to clear employees and meet OSHA requirements.  

Here are the key reasons to choose us as your trusted employee screening specialist: 

Comprehensive Suite of Employee Screening Services 

No matter your employee screening needs, Mobile Health offers exactly what you’re looking for, with a complete suite of employee screening services including: 

Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing
Employee Physical Exams
Employee Vaccinations and Titers
Employee Tuberculosis Testing
Employee Vision and Hearing Exams
Employee X-Rays
Employee Physical Abilities Tests
One Partner for Employee Screening and Compliance 

When you partner with Mobile Health, you benefit from the convenience of multiple employee screening services from one single provider. 

Instead of working with one lab for drug testing and another provider for a physical exam ─ Mobile Health becomes your comprehensive partner for employee screening and compliance. We’re fully equipped to handle each of your compliance needs, minimizing the need for your Human Resources department to manage scheduling countless appointments across multiple providers for your organization’s employees. 

Convenient and Secure Client Portal  

Our HIPAA-compliant Client Portal will be your one-stop shop for all your employees’ screening service needs. With Mobile Health’s Client Portal, you can schedule screening services within 30 seconds and receive real-time updates and screening test results. It will also streamline your recordkeeping process by integrating directly with your organization’s ATS/HRIS system. This makes it easy to access your records in the future. 

Employee Health Screening Services Your Way 

Mobile Health offers a variety of convenient ways to get your employees screened. We’re where your employees are! Whether you send your employees to one of our 6,500+ locations across the United States or have our mobile fleet come on-site to you, we will work with you to find the screening service format that works best for your organization’s needs. Our team will work with you to develop an employee screening strategy, offer bundling options customized to your specific needs, and ultimately do all we can to save you time, energy, and headaches. 

Simplify Your Employee Screening Services with Mobile Health 

At Mobile Health, we aim to make your day easier. That’s why we offer comprehensive employee screening options that work for you, not against you. To learn more about our employee screening services, or to upgrade your organization’s occupational health strategy now, click here to get started. 

  • Dee Smith
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    Dee Smith