Mobile Health is Colorado’s #1 COVID-19 Testing Provider

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As a top COVID-19 testing provider, we arrive at your location, ready to go – providing the staff, supplies, and technology for a successful testing program. Be it 100 or 100,000 tests, we know how to quickly build and execute a program that can scale to your needs.



We design testing programs that accommodate round-the-clock shifts, multiple job sites, and everything in between. We do what’s best for you. Let’s create a comprehensive operational plan.

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COVID-19 testing provider | Mobile Health

K-12, College &
University Testing

Pre-Employment Workplace Drug Tests | Mobile Health

Testing for returning office
employees & Corporate events

COVID-19 testing provider

Round-the-clock shift testing
for manufacturing


When you hire Mobile Health, you’re hiring a complete end-to-end solution. We deliver testing backed by 38 years of clinical excellence and industry-leading technology. From patient arrival to result notification, we handle all the details for a seamless experience.

Ready to have an expert COVID-19 testing provider by your side? Contact us! Mobile Health would love to learn your needs, answer your questions, and design a program for you.

Mobile Health is Colorado’s #1 COVID-19 Testing Provider
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