Online Questionnaire

The online questionnaire (also referred to as a health assessment) plays a critical role in many COVID-19 protection programs. 

To facilitate health screenings before employees arrive at a workplace, Mobile Health designed a robust, web-based application.  The easy and intuitive application expedites the employee COVID-19 health assessment through a simple online questionnaire.

Depending on the industry and state requirements, employees may complete the COVID-19 health assessment on an established schedule (daily, weekly, or other frequency).

How It Works:

  1. The client creates customized screening questions that employees complete on a set schedule (daily, weekly, or other frequency).
  2. Employees receive notifications via SMS or email to complete the online questionnaire (health assessment). Auto reminder notifications to employees are optional.
  3. The online questionnaire only takes a few minutes to complete. The system generates a QR code once the employee completes the questionnaire.
  4. Once the employee arrives to work, they present the QR code from their device. The Mobile Health greeter or technician scans the QR code upon arrival.
  5. The Mobile Health technician takes the temperature of each worker and visitor as they enter the workplace. This screens employees quickly and efficiently — avoiding costly delays that may impact a company’s bottom line.
  6. The results of the temperature scan will be uploaded to the Mobile Health client portal for immediate reporting and tracking by management. Employers may download reports for essential contact tracing or mandatory regulatory requirements, such as NYDOH.
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