77% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Mobile Health clinic, and if that’s not close enough ─ we’ll bring our employee physical exams to you with our on-site physical exam services. Schedule next-day appointments at 6,500+ clinics locations through our award-winning client portal.


Whether your needs shift or regulations change, we’ve got your back. Our comprehensive and customizable employee physical exams are backed by 38 years of medical expertise. Pre-employment physical exams, biometric screening, physical abilities testing, DOT physicals, and more.

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We turn breakrooms into clinics, parking lots into physical ability testing centers, conference rooms into exam rooms. Whatever you need to maintain annual compliance or get a new group of employees onboarded ─ we are the turnkey operation for the job.

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Real-time results in your Mobile Health portal with instant integration to your ATS/HRIS system. Never push for employee physical exam records again. Our clinicians are committed to delivering the documentation you need to get your people on the job.

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Physical Exams Faqs

A pre-employment medical check-up is an evaluation of whether a potential employee will be fit to work in a specific workplace.

Employee physical exams are comprehensive medical assessments of an employee’s physical health and wellness, conducted to ensure they are fit to perform their job duties safely and effectively.

Employee physical exams help identify any underlying health conditions that could affect an employee’s ability to perform their job duties. This helps employers ensure the safety and well-being of their employees and maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

Mobile Health offers a wide range of physical exams, including pre-employment and annual physical exams, physical abilities testing, and DOT physicals, among others.

Yes, Mobile Health offers on-site physical exam services, allowing us to bring our clinical expertise to your workplace.

The frequency of physical exams can vary depending on the job duties and workplace hazards. In general, most employers require annual physical exams for their employees.

Yes, Mobile Health’s physical exams are compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements, including OSHA and DOT regulations.

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