Drug & Alcohol Testing Made Simple with Mobile Health

Drug and alcohol testing employees have never been easier with Mobile Health. We offer a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing service to employers, enabling them to conduct drug and alcohol tests on employees wherever and whenever they need. With innovative results reporting and compliance-focused testing programs, we make employee drug and alcohol testing simpler than ever before. 


Flexible Testing Options 

At Mobile Health, we understand that employers value testing programs designed around their requirements. That’s why we offer flexible drug and alcohol testing solutions. Employers can choose one of our 6,500+ clinics across the country, or arrange for our experienced on-site alcohol and drug testing teams to visit them. It doesn’t matter what your requirements are, Mobile Health can design a flexible drug and alcohol testing solution for your business or organization. Whether you have multiple locations, thousands of employees, or round-the-clock shifts, Mobile Health can perform drug and alcohol testing wherever and whenever you need us. Our employee drug and alcohol testing solutions are fast and cause minimum disruption to your organization or business. With Mobile Health, your nearest drug testing clinic can be right in your building. 


Innovative Results Reporting 

Drug and alcohol test reporting can be a time-consuming activity for employers, but it doesn’t have to be! The Mobile Health portal makes results reporting simple. Through our innovative technology, we are able to provide employers with real-time results reporting, employee self-scheduling, and other cutting-edge features that make employee drug and alcohol easy for employers.  

We are also able to provide employee drug and alcohol test results faster. With Mobile Health, employers don’t need to worry about searching through emails and sorting paperwork. Instead, Mobile Health can deliver the documents you need, when you need them. Mobile Health also provides real-time reporting that integrates directly with your ATS/HRIS system. Simplify employee drug and alcohol testing reporting with Mobile Health and our innovative technology. 


Customized To Achieve DOH, OSHA, and DOT Compliance 

Achieving compliance through drug and alcohol testing is crucial. Employers can often find it difficult to know exactly what needs to be done to make sure your organization is compliant with OSHA, DOH, or DOT regulations. Mobile Health can customize your employee drug and alcohol testing specifically to fit the regulations that affect your business. Through our SAMHSA-certified laboratories, chain of custody, and Medical Review Officer confirmation, Mobile Health always focuses on helping your organization or business to achieve compliance in the simplest, fastest, and most effective way that causes minimal disruption. 


Simplify Drug & Alcohol Screening With Mobile Health 

Ready to simplify your employee drug and alcohol screening? Mobile Health is here to help. Get started by talking to an expert at Mobile Health today, and take the first step towards simplifying your employee drug and alcohol testing. 


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