Employee Screening Services in Los Angeles

There are countless situations where you need reliable employee screening services — bringing on new staff, protecting your traveling team members, ensuring employees are physically able to perform a task, or providing services for workers in medical facilities with required vaccinations. Most people think of employee screening services as a drug test. There are far more areas that employee screening services can help keep your company in compliance and assure everyone is healthy. There is drug testing, there are also physical exams, vaccines and titers, as well as tuberculosis testing, TB for short. Mobile Health can help facilitate one or all of these screening services in the Los Angeles area for your business or organization.

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Drug Testing and Physical Exams

To onboard a new employee, companies can require a drug screening to assure they are not hiring someone who may be a liability while on the job. Employees working with machinery, children, the elderly, and law enforcement benefit from a drug screening.

Employers that provide health insurance, life insurance, or have employees in a physically demanding job are recommended or required to perform employee physical exams. Physical exams document a person’s existing conditions, limitations, and overall physical health. Our employee screening services can recommend clinics and testing facilities in the Los Angeles area that are easy to get to.

Employee Screening Services for Vaccines, Titers, & TB

Titers can tell you if the employee still carries antibodies for certain vaccinations and can determine which, if any, boosters or revaccinations may be necessary. Periodic vaccines should be maintained and our employee screening services can facilitate that for staff as needed. Living in a post-pandemic world, as vaccines and boosters become available, having a helping hand find and schedule appointments is invaluable.

Tuberculosis testing is also available, medical personnel are required to be tested annually. Mobile Health can help get testing done quickly with a simple blood test. If a follow up X-ray is needed, we can help there too. We make it easy to get tested and stay compliant.

For more information on employee screening services from Mobile Health, give us a call today at 212.695.5122 or fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as someone is available.

Employee Screening Services Los Angeles

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