How an Occupational Health Company’s Culture Has Broken Industry Norms

“Where there is no innovation, there is no culture,” says Andrew Shulman, Mobile Health CEO. When a company does the same old, same old every day, no one has the reason to be creative, get excited, or carry an innovative spirit. We agree that there’s not always a reason to ‘reinvent the wheel’, but at Mobile Health there’s always a reason to do better. 

Company Culture and Innovation: How Do They Connect?

Company culture is more than values, it’s how employees feel they are able to work, speak, perform, and grow within a company. At Mobile Health, employees are encouraged to learn, grow, and bring new ideas to the table every day. Is there a company structure at Mobile Health? Yes. But can the newest member of the Mobile health family bring an idea to the company of how we can be better? Also yes. 

Closed-minded thinking is how a company becomes stagnant, old, and outdated. Relentless innovation powered by passionate people is how a company culture changes an industry for the better. 

Occupational Health and Employee Screening is Not an Obstacle, but an Open Door To Growth.

For the Mobile Health family, passion is a big driver in why we go the extra mile. We perform physical exams, drug testing, TB testing, respirator fit testing, and so much more. What do these services mean to us? It means we get to help people get the clearance they need to start a new job, we get to help an employer have peace of mind that their employees are healthy and protected, we get to help companies hire and grow faster than they ever thought was possible. 

To us, what we do is vital. And our partners would agree. This urgency and pride are core to our company culture. This is why our services are never boxed or limited — we do what makes sense. When hundreds of employees need to be tested at once, our services go anywhere employers need us. On-site, in-clinic, and mobile services with faster results across the board.  

How Has Mobile Health Broken Industry Norms?

For the HR director or OSHA compliance officer that needs occupational health services, the first thing they expect is old, unusable technology. This is where our company cultures of relentless innovation kicks in. Our technology team is always working on the latest and greatest. A platform is never ‘finished.’ Everything is constantly evolving. Whatever we do to help our partners perform faster today, we help them do it even faster tomorrow. Mobile Health has award-winning client and patient portals for a reason. We empower employers to schedule appointments for comprehensive services in under 30 seconds. At Mobile Health, we even go a step further and empower the employee to schedule their own appointments through our patient portal. When point A to point B of screening and compliance seems like a long journey, we are the relentless innovator giving our partners an occupational health jet pack. 

A member of the Mobile Health family recently asked, “What if our partners could have results sent straight to their HRIS or ATS?” For most companies, that would be a good thought, but a mountain too hard to climb. At Mobile Health, when good ideas come to the table, our company culture is to make our move. Someone once said “we need to stack hands on this” as a way of recognizing that before any of us do anything, all of us need to be aligned. It has stuck with us ever since. 

This year, we began sending results straight to our partner’s HRIS and ATS systems, simplifying record-keeping and allowing employers to receive results faster than ever. Mobile Health is the first in the industry to launch the technology for seamless result integration, just one of the reasons we are the #1 occupational health and employment screening provider. 

How Can You Change Your Company Culture?

When is the last time each team in your company had a brainstorming session? When is the last time you told your employees what they mean to you? When is the last time you got people fired up about what they do? Start there. Company culture is about people. Write down ideas about how to make your people feel valued, heard, and appreciated. When people love what they do, it shows. Everyone is human, so sometimes it’s good to be reminded. 

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