Mobile Health Fit Kit™: Qualitative Fit Testing Made Simple

In today’s busy world, convenience is important, and the respirator fit testing process in the workplace is no exception.

Mobile Health offers several accessible respirator fit testing options to equip employers with the power to choose the best testing solution for them, including our self-administered Fit Kit™. Here’s how it works:

Mobile Health Fit Kit™: The Self-Administered Respirator Fit Testing Solution

The Mobile Health Fit Kit™ is a self-administered qualitative fit testing kit that allows anyone on your team to perform a respirator fit test! In just five easy steps, you’ll be on your way to self-administered respirator fit testing, allowing you to clear all of your employees at once.

How to Use the Mobile Health Fit Kit™

⦁ Order your Mobile Health Fit Kit™ to be shipped directly to you.
⦁ Your employees will receive a link to complete their online medical evaluation prior to their fit test.
⦁ Before your team’s Fit Kit™ arrives, a Mobile Health fit test expert will conduct a live interactive training session to make sure you feel prepared to test.
⦁ Every medically cleared worker is fit tested and provided with a certificate of respirator fit test completion.
⦁ You’re able to access all medical clearances and fit test results via your secure, HIPAA-compliant Mobile Health portal.

Benefits of the Mobile Health FIT KIT™

The Mobile Health FIT KIT™ meets all of the essential requirements for respirator fit testing, with the added benefits of:

Convenient Self-Testing

Test your team onsite at the time that’s most convenient for you! With the Mobile Health Fit Kit™, there’s no need for employees to go offsite for testing, or meet any specific appointment time.

Live Interactive Training

Anyone can perform a qualitative respirator fit test with the right training. Our team of experts will ensure you’re prepared to fit test like a pro. We’ll also be available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Online Medical Evaluations

OSHA requires employees to pass a medical evaluation prior to their respirator fit test. Mobile Health includes 25 free online evaluations with every Fit Kit™ which are provided via a personalized link for each employee that they can access on any device.

OSHA-Standard Fit Testing Supplies

The Fit Kit™ isn’t just convenient; rest assured the fit testing supplies are fully compliant with OSHA standards as well.

Convenient OSHA Recordkeeping

Our self-administered respirator fit testing services include access to our HIPAA and HITECH-compliant portal for convenient OSHA recordkeeping.

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Mobile Health offers several ways to get your employees fit tested, so whether you’re ready to order self-administered tests or you’d like to have our team of experts come onsite and perform your employees’ respirator fit tests, you’re sure to find a convenient testing option with Mobile Health.

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