Mobile Health Launches On-Site Quantitative Fit Testing to Employers Nationwide

Mobile Health announces the launch of their on-site quantitative fit testing services, making them the nation’s most comprehensive and adaptable respirator fit testing provider. With this new service, Mobile Health now offers a complete suite of respiratory protection, providing employers with everything they need to keep their workers safe and their businesses compliant. The 38-year occupational health company offers quantitative fit testing, qualitative fit testing, online medical evaluations, and their self-administered Mobile Health FIT KIT™.


“Our teams can test any mask, anywhere in the country. Day or night, wherever our partners need us,” said Victoria Roberts, Mobile Health COO. “It’s this kind of flexibility and availability employers need to stay in compliance and protect their people. With our quantitative fit testing launch, employers can now turn to one provider for all things respiratory protection.”

By launching quantitative fit testing, Mobile Health can now test “any mask, anywhere.” OSHA requires any employee wearing full-face masks to complete quantitative fit testing and employees wearing half-face masks to complete qualitative or quantitative fit testing. These annual regulations are vital to protecting the workforce, but can be a challenge for employers to meet. Mobile Health aims to make these services accessible, flexible, and stress-free. Mobile Health is bringing their new on-site quantitative fit testing across the country to warehouses, breakrooms, hospitals, universities ─ wherever their clients need them. Quantitative fit testing is also available in select New York City clinics. Mobile Health is the only occupational health and employee screening provider with the ability to deliver respirator fit testing for every industry in-clinic and on-site throughout the United States.

About Mobile Health 

Mobile Health is a trusted employee screening and occupational health provider with 38 years of clinical excellence. Their comprehensive services and flexible solutions simplify OSHA compliance for employers. You can send employees to their 6,500+ nationwide clinics, bring the on-site teams to your doorstep, or deploy the Mobile Health fleet to any location in the U.S. Mobile Health’s award-winning client portal empowers employers with real-time results, 30-second scheduling, and HIPAA-compliant security. For more information, visit

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