Employee Screening Services in New York City

Keep your staff safe, compliant, and up-to-date with our employee screening services. Our screening services can take care of drug testing, physical exams, titers tests, vaccinations, and even tuberculosis testing. Our staff can help coordinate with your New York City company to get the best employee screening services for new onboarding and compliance.

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Drug Testing and Physical Exams for New Staff

Prior to presenting an offer of employment, some organizations want to be safe and request drug testing for illicit drugs as well as performance-altering ones. If a person’s mental status is changed and can impact their work negatively, it’s better to know before hiring someone. Our employee screening services can also take care of physical exams. For health insurance, life insurance, or qualifying for the position, a physical exam can determine a person’s health status. Annual physical exams are common as well and we can make it easy for your staff to schedule and complete all exams for compliance with your company’s policies.

Employee Screening Services for Vaccines, Titers, & TB

While some positions require vaccinations, some are just precautionary to keep people healthy and safe. Getting a titers test to determine what antibodies are present from previous vaccines helps guide vaccination recommendations for boosters or readministering annual or periodic vaccines.

In the event of a potential Tuberculosis diagnosis, Mobile Health can help facilitate the testing, and perform an X-ray after a blood test. We take care of all that so you can stay safe, compliant, and working.

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Employee Screening Services Los Angeles and New York

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